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succeed /sək'si:d/
  • ngoại động từ
    • kế tiếp, tiếp theo
      • winter succeeds autumn: mùa đông tiếp theo mùa thu
  • nội động từ
    • kế nghiệp; nối ngôi, kế vị
      • to succeed to the throne: nối ngôi
    • thành công
      • the plan succeeds: kế hoạch thành công
      • to succeed in doing something: thành công trong việc gì
Concise Dictionary
+attain success or reach a desired goal
+be the successor (of)

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 follow, come after, supervene:
The end of the war in the Pacific succeeded the surrender in Europe.
2 be successor (to), follow, be heir (to), replace, take the place of, inherit or take over from:
Elizabeth I succeeded Mary in 1558.
3 Often, succeed in or at. make good, thrive, prosper, flourish, be a success, be successful, progress, advance, get ahead or on, attain or gain or achieve success, win, triumph, Colloq make it, arrive, get to the top:
Has she succeeded in persuading you to sing? He always wanted to make a lot of money and now he has succeeded. They have succeeded at whatever they have tried.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [V] ~ (in doing sth) to achieve sth that you have been trying to do or get; to have the result or effect that was intended: Our plan succeeded. + He succeeded in getting a place at art school. + I tried to discuss it with her but only succeeded in making her angry (= I failed and did the opposite of what I intended).
See also - SUCCESS
2 [V] ~ (in sth)
~ (as sth) to be successful in your job, earning money, power, respect, etc: You will have to work hard if you are to succeed. + She doesn't have the ruthlessness required to succeed in business. + He had hoped to succeed as a violinist.
See also - SUCCESS
3 [VN] to come next after sb/sth and take their/its place or position: Who succeeded Kennedy as President? + Their early success was succeeded by a period of miserable failure. + Strands of DNA are reproduced through succeeding generations.
4 [V] ~ (to sth) to gain the right to a title, property, etc. when sb dies: She succeeded to the throne (= became queen) in 1558. + He had no right to succeed to the tenancy when his father died.
Idioms: nothing succeeds like success (saying) when you are successful in one area of your life, it often leads to success in other areas
Collocation Dictionary

1 manage to achieve what you want; do well


admirably, brilliantly, well
The plan succeeded pretty well.
| not quite | nearly
They very nearly succeeded in blowing up the parliament building.
| largely
We feel that we have largely succeeded in our aims.
| partially, partly | eventually, finally | apparently | academically
the pressure on children to succeed academically


be likely/unlikely to
The appeal is unlikely to succeed.
| be determined to, hope to, want to
No company can hope to succeed at everything.


to succeed against serious opposition
| at
She can teach you how to succeed at tennis.
| in
She has succeeded in a difficult career. We succeeded in repairing the engine.
| with
hints on how to succeed with interior design

2 have a job/position after sb else


appoint sb to, elect sb to
He was appointed to succeed Sir Georg Solti as head of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
| be tipped to


He was widely tipped to succeed William Hague as leader of the party.
| to
She succeeded to the throne in 1558.

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