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subtlety /'sʌtlti/ (subtilty) /'sʌtlti/
  • danh từ
    • tính phảng phất
    • tính huyền ảo
    • sự tinh vi, sự tinh tế
    • sự khôn khéo, sự khôn ngoan, sự lanh lợi, sự tinh nhanh
    • sự khéo léo, sự tài tình
    • sự xảo quyệt, sự quỷ quyệt
    • sự phân biệt tế nhị, sự quá tỉ mỉ
Concise Dictionary
+a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude
+the quality of being difficult to detect or analyze

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 refinement, nicety, delicacy, exquisiteness, intricacy, fineness, acuteness, elegance, sophistication:
The subtlety of the detail in this work is quite unique. One must admire the subtlety of expression in her writing.
2 treachery, guile, insidiousness, casuistry, cunning, artfulness, craftiness, deviousness, slyness, deceptiveness:
The subtlety of her deception was revealed only after the war.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural subtleties)
1 [U] the quality of being subtle: It's a thrilling movie even though it lacks subtlety.
2 [C, usually pl.] the small but important details or aspects of sth: the subtleties of language + the subtleties of the British constitution
Collocation Dictionary


extreme, great, real


Her dancing has great subtlety.
| display, show | bring sth, lend sth
His understanding of light brings great subtlety to his painting.
| lack | appreciate, grasp, understand
She was too young to grasp the subtleties of the film.


with ~
He uses language with great subtlety.


a lack of subtlety, of great/some subtlety
a pianist of great subtlety

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