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substantially /səb'stænʃəli/
  • phó từ
    • về thực chất, về căn bản
Concise Dictionary
+to a great extent or degree
+in a strong substantial way

Thesaurus Dictionary
in substance, essentially, at bottom, fundamentally, basically, in essence, intrinsically, in reality, at heart, sincerely, truly, actually, in truth, veritably, indeed, in fact, as a matter of fact; largely, to a large extent, in large measure, materially, practically, in the main, for the most part, mostly, virtually, to all intents and purposes; Archaic verily:
The article was substantially sound. Do you agree substantially with the ruling of the court?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 very much; a lot
The costs have increased substantially. + The plane was substantially damaged in the crash. + The company's profits have been substantially lower this year.
2 (formal) mainly; in most details, even if not completely: What she says is substantially true.

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