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substantial /səb'stænʃəl/
  • tính từ
    • thật, có thật
    • có thực chất, thực tế
      • substantial agreement: sự đồng ý về thực tế
    • quan trọng, trọng yếu, có giá trị thực sự, lớn lao
      • substantial contribution: sự đóng góp quan trọng
      • substantial progress: sự tiến bộ lớn lao
    • chắc chắn, chắc nịch, vạm vỡ
      • a man of substantial build: người vạm vỡ
    • giàu có, có tài sản, trường vốn, vững về mặt tài chính
      • substantial firms: những công ty trường vốn
    • bổ, có chất (món ăn)
Concise Dictionary
+fairly large
+having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable
+having substance or capable of being treated as fact; not imaginary
+providing abundant nourishment
+of good quality and condition; solidly built

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 material, considerable, significant, great, worthwhile, consequential, ample, goodly, respectable, abundant, generous, big, large, sizeable, major, Colloq tidy, healthy:
We understand that he made a substantial payment to keep his name out of the papers.
2 strong, solid, well-built, durable, sound, stout, sturdy; big, large, massive, huge, sizeable, impressive, vast; numerous, numberless:
A substantial mausoleum was constructed for his family. A substantial crowd had gathered.
3 well-founded, sound, weighty, solid, well-established, telling, good, valid, actual:
Many economists produced substantial arguments in favour of another cut in interest rates.
4 wealthy, well-to-do, rich, affluent, prosperous, profitable, successful; landed, propertied:
The Trevelyan Ironworks is a substantial business, and Mr Trevelyan is one of our more substantial businessmen.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 large in amount or value; important
substantial sums of money + a substantial change / improvement + Substantial numbers of people support the reforms. + He ate a substantial breakfast. + There are substantial differences between the two groups. + Their share of the software market is substantial.
2 [usually before noun] (formal) large and solid; strongly built: a substantial house + a street of substantial Victorian villas

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