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subsidy /'sʌbsidi/
  • danh từ
    • tiền cấp
    • tiền trợ cấp
      • housing subsidy: tiền trợ cấp nhà ở
Concise Dictionary
+a grant paid by a government to an enterprise that benefits the public
Thesaurus Dictionary
funding, financing, subsidizing, sponsoring, sponsorship, assistance, aid, contribution, support, grant, subvention, maintenance, underwriting, capitalization:
Farmers are hoping for increased subsidies.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
(plural subsidies) [C, U] money that is paid by a government or an organization to reduce the costs of services or of producing goods so that their prices can be kept low: agricultural / state / housing subsidies + to increase / reduce the level of subsidy
Collocation Dictionary


big, heavy, huge, large, massive | small | direct | hidden, indirect
The help that the government gives the industry amounts to an indirect subsidy.
| annual | EU, government, public, state | agricultural, export, food, housing


The level of subsidy given to farmers is to be reduced.


get, receive | lose | give sth, grant sth, pay, provide (sth with)
The Arts Council granted them a small subsidy.
| cut, reduce
Export subsidies have been reduced by 20%.
| abolish, remove


payments | scheme, system | cuts


~ for
state subsidies for rice producers
| ~ on
subsidies on basic goods and services
| ~ to
subsidies to agriculture


a cut/reduction in subsidies
The government cut spending through reductions in state subsidies to industry.
| the removal/abolition of subsidies
protests against the removal of subsidies on basic commodities

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