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subside /səb'said/
  • nội động từ
    • rút xuống, rút bớt (nước lụt...)
    • lún xuống (nền nhà)
    • ngớt, giảm, bớt, lắng đi
      • storm subsides: cơn bão ngớt
      • tumult subsides: sự ồn ào lắng dần
    • chìm xuống (tàu)
    • lắng xuống, đóng cặn
    • (đùa cợt) ngồi, nằm
      • to subside into an armchair: ngồi sụp xuống ghế bành
Concise Dictionary
+wear off or die down
+sink to a lower level or form a depression
+sink down or precipitate
+descend into or as if into some soft substance or place

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 sink (down), drop (down), go down, recede, descend, decline; lower, settle:
The waters of the swollen river subsided. The volcano's centre subsided, leaving a caldera.
2 abate, quiet(en) (down), calm (down), moderate, let up, decrease, diminish, lessen, die (down or off or out), pass (away), wear off:
His enthusiasm for sky-diving subsided a bit after he broke both legs. When the clamour had subsided, the president rose to speak.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb [V]
1 to become calmer or quieter: She waited nervously for his anger to subside. + When the rain had subsided we continued our walk. + I took an aspirin and the pain gradually subsided. + He waited until the laughter had subsided before continuing his story.
2 (of water) to go back to a normal level: The flood waters gradually subsided.
3 (of land or a building) to sink to a lower level; to sink lower into the ground: Weak foundations caused the house to subside.
Collocation Dictionary


quickly, rapidly | gradually, slowly
The storm gradually subsided.
| eventually, finally


begin to


Her tears subsided into sniffs.

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