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stupid /'stju:pid/
  • tính từ
    • ngu dại, ngu đần, đần độn, ngớ ngẩn
      • a stupid idea: một ý kiến ngớ ngẩn
    • ngẩn người ra, ngây ra, mụ đi
    • chán, buồn
      • a stupid place: nơi buồn tẻ
    • as stupid as a donkey (a goose, an owl)
      • ngu như lừa
  • danh từ
    • (thông tục) người ngu dại, người ngu đần, người ngớ ngẩn
Concise Dictionary
stupider|stupidest'stuːpɪd /-tju-
+a person who is not very bright
+lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity
+in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock
+lacking intelligence

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 unintelligent, fatuous, obtuse, bovine, dull, dense, lumpish, doltish, simple, simple-minded, moronic, imbecilic, cretinous, Boeotian, subnormal, feeble-minded, weak-minded, stolid, dull-witted, dim, dim-witted, halfwitted, thick, thick-witted, thickheaded, slow-witted, witless, brainless, mindless, empty-headed, bird-brained, feather-brained, feather-headed, rattle-brained, rattle-headed, ox-like, boneheaded, addle-pated, addle-headed, addled, Chiefly Brit imbecile, Chiefly US dumb, jerky, thimble-witted, Colloq dopey, Brit dozy:
He seemed really stupid in comparison with his precocious younger sister.
2 foolish, silly, frivolous, asinine, hare-brained, crazy, insane, mad, crack-brained, scatterbrained, absurd, inane, idiotic, ridiculous, risible, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, senseless, bootless, irresponsible, irrational, ill-advised, foolhardy, half-baked, Colloq cuckoo, cock-eyed, damn-fool, Chiefly Brit daft, barmy or balmy, US cockamamie or cockamamy:
He came up with one stupid plan after another.
3 insipid, dull, tedious, boring, tiresome, humdrum, prosaic, monotonous, unimaginative, uninspired, uninteresting, vapid, vacuous, Colloq ho-hum:
Most sitcoms feature stupid characters doing stupid things.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun
+ adjective (stupider, stupidest)
Help Note: more stupid and most stupid are also common.
1 showing a lack of thought or good judgement
a stupid mistake / question / idea / joke + It was a pretty stupid thing to do. + I was stupid enough to believe him. + It was stupid of you to get involved.
2 (disapproving) (of a person) slow to learn or understand things; not clever or intelligent: He'll manage-he isn't stupid. + She always makes me feel really stupid.
3 [only before noun] (spoken) used to emphasize that you are annoyed with sb/sth: I can't get the stupid thing open! + Get your stupid feet off the chair!
stupidly adverb: I stupidly agreed to lend him the money. + Todd stared stupidly at the screen.
+ noun [sing.] (informal) if you call sb stupid, you are telling them, usually in a joking way, that you think they are not being very intelligent: Yes, stupid, it's you I'm talking to!
Collocation Dictionary


appear, be, feel, look, seem, sound
I felt really stupid when I realized what had happened. My sister made me look stupid in front of all my friends.
| act
(informal) I decided it was best to act stupid.


damn/damned, exceptionally, extremely, fucking
incredibly, monumentally, particularly, really, very | absolutely, completely, (just) plain, utterly
That was just plain stupid!
| not entirely
I'm not entirely stupid. I checked the train times before we came out.
| a bit, a little, pretty, quite, rather | enough, sufficiently
He's stupid enough to believe anything.
| crassly, grossly
a crassly stupid thing to do

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