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struggling /'strʌgliɳ/
  • tính từ
    • vật lộn, đấu tranh, sống chật vật
      • a struggling artist: một nghệ sĩ sống chật vật
Concise Dictionary
+an energetic attempt to achieve something
+an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)
+strenuous effort
+make a strenuous or labored effort
+to exert strenuous effort against opposition
+climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling
+be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 strive, strain, expend energy, exert oneself, labour, endeavour, try, attempt:
He struggled to keep his head above water.
2 contend, fight, wrestle, battle:
They struggled against the twin odds of poverty and sickness.
3 wriggle, wiggle, squirm, writhe, twist, worm:
She finally struggled free of the ropes.
4 effort, exertion, strain; toil, work, travail, labour, drudgery, striving, struggling:
Earning even a humble living was a struggle in those days. Was the outcome worth the struggle?
5 contention, competition, contest, battle, fight, tussle, match, clash, encounter, strife:
The struggle between good and evil continues.

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