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stroke /strouk/
  • danh từ
    • cú, cú đánh, đòn
      • to receive 20 strokes: bị đòn
      • stroke of sword: một nhát gươm
      • killed by a stroke of lightning: bị sét đánh chết
      • finishing stroke: đòn kết liễu
    • (y học) đột quỵ
      • a stroke of apoplexy: đột quỵ ngập máu
    • sự cố gắng
      • he has not done a stroke of work: nó không gắng làm một tí việc gì cả
      • to row a fast stroke: chèo nhanh
    • nước bài, nước đi, "cú" , "miếng" , "đòn" ; sự thành công lớn
      • to invent a new stroke in cricket: phát minh ra một "cú" mới cong crickê
      • a stroke of genius: một ý kiến độc đáo
      • a stroke of business: sự buôn may bán lời; một món phát tài
      • a stroke of luck: dịp may bất ngờ
    • lối bơi, kiểu bơi
    • nét (bút)
      • up stroke: nép lên
      • down stroke: nét xuống
      • to portray with a few strokes: vẽ bằng một vài nét
      • I could do it with a stroke of the pen: tôi chỉ gạch một nét bút là xong việc ấy
      • finishing strokes: những nét sửa sang cuối cùng, những nét trau chuốt cuối cùng
    • tiếng chuông đồng hồ
      • it is on the stroke of nine: đồng hồ đánh chín giờ
      • to arrive on the stroke [of time]: đến đúng giờ
    • tiếng đập của trái tim
    • người đứng lái làm chịch (ở cuối thuyền) ((cũng) stroke oar (hiếm))
    • cái vuốt ve; sự vuốt ve
    • ngoại động từ
      • đứng lái (để làm chịch)
      • vuốt ve
      • to stroke somebody down
        • làm ai nguôi giận
      • to stroke somebody ['s hair] the wrong way
        • làm ai phát cáu
    Concise Dictionary
    +(sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand
    +the maximum movement available to a pivoted or reciprocating piece by a cam
    +a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain
    +a light touch
    +a light touch with the hands
    +the oarsman nearest the stern of the shell who sets the pace for the rest of the crew
    +a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information
    +a mark made by a writing implement (as in cursive writing)
    +any one of the repeated movements of the limbs and body used for locomotion in swimming or rowing
    +a single complete movement
    +touch lightly and with affection, with brushing motions
    +strike a ball with a smooth blow
    +row at a particular rate
    +treat gingerly or carefully

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 blow, rap, tap, thump, knock, smack, whack, swipe, slam, strike, Colloq wallop:
    One stroke of the hammer and the nail went in.
    2 action, motion, go, move, movement, feat, achievement:
    She won the leading role and defeated her shyness at one stroke.
    3 flourish, movement, gesture; mark, dash, Colloq splash:
    With a stroke of the pen the man's fate was sealed.
    4 beat, throb, pulse, pulsation, thump:
    His heart was beating at exactly 72 strokes a minute.
    5 attack, seizure, fit, apoplexy, apoplectic fit, spasm, paralytic attack or fit; Technical embolism, thrombosis, cerebrovascular accident, aneurysm:
    Gerry has been incapacitated since he had a stroke.
    6 pat, touch, caress:
    A few strokes of her fingers on my brow and the headache was gone.
    7 achievement, accomplishment, feat, act, action, work; example; touch:
    Your idea of having a jazz concert to raise money is a stroke of genius.
    8 bit, jot or tittle, scrap, iota, touch, stitch, hint, suggestion:
    You haven't done a stroke of work all morning.
    9 occurrence, happening, matter:
    It was just a stroke of luck that I came along when I did.
    10 caress, pet, pat, fondle; massage, rub, soothe:
    His heart beat faster when she stroked his hand lightly with her fingertips.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, verb
    + noun
    hitting movement
    1 an act of hitting a ball, for example with a bat or RACKET: What a beautiful stroke! + He won by two strokes (= in golf, by taking two fewer strokes than his opponent).
    2 a single movement of the arm when hitting sb/sth: His punishment was six strokes of the cane.
    in swimming / rowing
    3 any of a series of repeated movements in swimming or rowing: She took a few more strokes to reach the bank. + He swam with long powerful strokes.
    4 (often in compounds) a style of swimming: Butterfly is the only stroke I can't do.
    5 the person who sets the speed at which everyone in a boat rows
    gentle touch
    6 [usually sing.] (especially BrE) an act of moving your hand gently over a surface, usually several times: He gave the cat a stroke.
    of pen / brush
    7 a mark made by moving a pen, brush, etc. once across a surface: to paint with fine brush strokes + At the stroke of a pen (= by signing sth) they removed thousands of people from the welfare system.
    8 ~ (of sth) a single successful action or event: Your idea was a stroke of genius. + It was a stroke of luck that I found you here. + It was a bold stroke to reveal the identity of the murderer on the first page. + She never does a stroke (of work) (= never does any work).
    See also - MASTER STROKE
    of clock
    9 each of the sounds made by a clock or bell giving the hours: At the first stroke it will be 9 o'clock exactly. + on the stroke of three (= at 3 o'clock exactly)
    10 a sudden serious illness when a blood VESSEL (= tube) in the brain bursts or is blocked, which can cause death or the loss of the ability to move or to speak clearly: to have / suffer a stroke + The stroke left him partly paralysed.
    Idioms: at a (single) stroke
    at one stroke with a single immediate action: They threatened to cancel the whole project at a stroke.
    put sb off their stroke (BrE) to make sb make a mistake or hesitate in what they are doing: My speech was going well until I was put off my stroke by an interruption.
    + verb [VN]
    touch gently
    1 (especially BrE) to move your hand gently and slowly over an animal's fur or hair: He's a beautiful dog. Can I stroke him?
    See also - PET
    2 to move your hand gently over a surface, sb's hair, etc: He stroked her hair affectionately.
    move sth gently
    3 [+adv./prep.] to move sth somewhere with a gentle movement: She stroked away his tears. + He stroked the ball between the posts.
    be nice to sb
    4 (informal, especially AmE) to be very nice to sb, especially to get them to do what you want
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 of a brush, pen, etc.


    long, short | broad, thick | narrow, thin | bold, vigorous
    She caught his likeness with a few bold brush strokes.
    | even | quick, slow | downward, upward | brush, pen, pencil


    with a stroke of the pen
    With a stroke of the pen our names were removed from the register.

    2 in sport


    fast, slow | powerful
    The Romanian rowers pulled ahead with fast, powerful strokes.
    | backhand, forehand (in tennis, etc.)


    He played some powerful backhand strokes throughout the game.


    by a, two, etc. ~ (in golf)
    Woods leads by two strokes.


    a/two, etc. strokes ahead/behind (in golf)

    3 in swimming


    long, short
    He swam back with long slow strokes.
    | fast, slow | back


    do, swim
    You can't swim more than four strokes before you reach the other side.

    4 sudden illness of the brain


    crippling, massive, serious | minor, slight | fatal


    have, suffer
    She had a massive stroke and lost her speech.


    leave sb …
    The stroke left him paralysed down his right side.


    patient, victim
    > Special page at ILLNESS

    5 sth that happens unexpectedly


    I had a sudden stroke of inspiration.




    at a/one ~
    They lost half their fortune at a stroke.
    | ~ of
    a stroke of genius


    a stroke of (good/bad) luck, a stroke of (good) fortune

    More information about STROKE


    fast, powerful, strong
    crawl a
    do, swim (the) ~
    a swimmer doing the crawl I can't swim butterfly.

    strike out in/with
    breaststroke/crawlShe struck out with a strong crawl towards the shore.

    a length of ~
    He did 15 lengths of backstroke every morning.

    In competitions the categories are

    backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly,
    freestyle (
    = in which competitors do crawl because it is fastest
    ). 100 metres, 200 metres, etc. ~ men's, women's ~ compete in ~
    competing in the women's 100 metres freestyle

    in the ~
    He came first in the 200 metres backstroke.



    gently, lightly, softly, tenderly | thoughtfully
    He stroked his beard thoughtfully.
    | absently
    She stroked the cat absently.
    | away
    She gently stroked away his tears.

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