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strive /straiv/
  • nội động từ strove; striven
    • cố gắng, phấn đấu
      • to strive for (after) something: cố gắng để đạt điều gì
    • đấu tranh
      • to strive with (against) something: đấu tranh chống lại điều gì
      • to strive together; to strive with each other: cãi nhau, tranh cãi với nhau, tranh giành nhau
Concise Dictionary
+attempt by employing effort
+to exert much effort or energy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 endeavour, strain, struggle, make every effort, attempt, try (hard), do one's best or utmost, exert oneself, work at, Colloq give (it) one's all, go all out:
Jim strove to keep his self-control. Jennie strives for perfection in all she does.
2 compete, contend, fight:
One must often strive against unbelievable odds to achieve a goal.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
(strove against sth) (formal) to try very hard to achieve sth or to defeat sth: [V] We encourage all members to strive for the highest standards. + striving against corruption + [V to inf] Newspaper editors all strive to be first with a story. + She strove to find a solution that was acceptable to all.
striving noun [U, sing.]: our striving for perfection
Collocation Dictionary


hard, mightily
He strove very hard to remain calm.
| desperately
desperately striving for some sort of dignity
| earnestly | always, constantly, continually


striving after artistic beauty
| against
man striving against the elements
| for
The school constantly strives for excellence in its teaching.
| towards
companies that strive towards bigger profits

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