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  • tính từ
    • trần trụi; trơ
    • đã tách thành hai phần nhẹ (dầu mỡ)
    • đã tháo khuôn
Concise Dictionary
+a relatively long narrow piece of something
+artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material
+an airfield without normal airport facilities
+a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book
+thin piece of wood or metal
+a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music
+take away possessions from someone
+get undressed
+remove the surface from
+remove substances from by a percolating liquid
+lay bare
+steal goods; take as spoils
+remove all contents or possession from, or empty completely
+strip the cured leaves from
+remove the thread (of screws)
+remove a constituent from a liquid
+take off or remove
+draw the last milk (of cows)
+remove (someone's or one's own) clothes

Thesaurus Dictionary
band, ribbon, fillet, belt, swath or swathe, stripe:
She wore a strip of embroidered silk tied round her head. They began farming the strip of land near the lake.
1 peel, skin, bare, uncover, denude, lay bare, decorticate, excoriate, flay:
The woodwork will need stripping before you repaint it.
2 disrobe, undress, get undressed, unclothe, strip down to nothing or to the skin or to the buff or to (one's) birthday suit, take off or peel off or divest (oneself) of or shed (one's) clothes or clothing, get naked:
The doctor told me to go behind the screen and strip.
3 (do a) striptease, US work the runway:
Sugar Caine says she enjoys stripping for an appreciative audience.
4 remove, take away, confiscate, seize, expropriate, Slang rip off:
He was accused of stripping the assets from the companies he purchased.
5 rob, pillage, despoil, plunder, ransack, loot, sack:
Armies could be raised only by letting them strip the cities they conquered.

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