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strident /'staidnt/
  • tính từ
    • the thé
Concise Dictionary
+conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry
+of speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f', `s', `z', or `th' in both `thin' and `then')
+being sharply insistent on being heard
+unpleasantly loud and harsh

Thesaurus Dictionary
shrill, raucous, harsh, loud, grating, stridulous, stridulant, scraping, scratching, scratchy, grinding, hoarse, rough, guttural, husky, gravelly, rasping, jarring, discordant, unharmonious, unmelodious, unmusical, cacophonous, croaking, creaking:
Her strident voice could be heard all over the building.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 having a loud harsh and unpleasant sound: a strident voice / tone + strident music + the strident ringing of the phone
2 aggressive and determined: He is a strident advocate of nuclear power. + The plan has provided strident criticism from local residents.
stridency noun [U]
stridently adverb

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