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straw /strɔ:/
  • danh từ
    • rơm
    • nón rơm, mũ rơm
    • cọng rơm, ống rơm (để hút nước chanh, nước cam...)
    • vật không đáng kể, vật vô giá trị
      • it is not worth a straw: cái đó chẳng có giá trị gì cả
    • I don't care a straw
      • (xem) care
    • a drowing man will catch at a straw
      • (xem) catch
    • in the straw
      • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) nằm ổ
    • to make bricks without straw
      • đóng thuyền mà không xẻ ván
    • man of straw
      • người rơm, bù nhìn, hình nộm
    • the last straw
      • cái "một tí" thêm vào sau cùng (là cái nặng nhất)
    • a straw shows which way the wind blows
      • lời gợi ý nhỏ có thể có tác dụng lớn
    • a straw in the wind
      • cái chỉ hướng gió thổi; cái chỉ rõ chiều hướng dư luận
  • tính từ
    • bằng rơm
    • vàng nhạt, màu rơm
    • nhỏ nhặt, tầm thường, vô giá trị
    • ngoại động từ
      • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) phủ (bằng rơm, bằng cát, bằng hoa...)
    Concise Dictionary
    +plant fiber used e.g. for making baskets and hats or as fodder
    +material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds
    +a yellow tint; yellow diluted with white
    +a thin paper or plastic tube used to such liquids into the mouth
    +cover or provide with or as if with straw
    +spread by scattering ("straw" is archaic)
    +of a pale yellow color like straw; straw colored
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + noun
    1 [U] stems of wheat or other grain plants that have been cut and dried. Straw is used for making MATS, hats, etc., for packing things to protect them, and as food for animals or for them to sleep on: a mattress filled with straw + a straw hat
    Compare: HAY
    2 [C] a single stem or piece of straw: He was leaning over the gate chewing on a straw.
    3 (also drinking straw) a thin tube of plastic or paper that you suck a drink through
    Idioms: clutch / grasp at straws to try all possible means to find a solution or some hope in a difficult or unpleasant situation, even though this seems very unlikely: I know I'm just clutching at straws here, but is it possible that the doctors are wrong?
    the last / final straw
    the straw that breaks the camel's back the last in a series of bad events, etc. that makes it impossible for you to accept a situation any longer
    a straw in the wind (BrE) a small sign of what might happen in the future
    more at BRICK n., DRAW v.
    Collocation Dictionary




    I sat on a bale of straw near the fire.


    in (the) ~
    The rat hid in the straw.
    | on (the) ~
    The animals sleep on straw.

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