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  • (lý thuyết trò chơi) chiến lược
  • s. for a game chiến lược của một trò chơi
  • completely mixed s. chiến lược hoàn toàn hỗn hợp
  • dominant s. chiến lược khống chế
  • duplicated s. chiến lược lặp
  • essential s. chiến lược cốt yếu
  • extended s. chiến lược mở rộng
  • invariant s. chiến lược bất biến
  • mixed s. chiến lược hỗn tạp
  • optimal s. chiến lược tối ưu
  • pure s. chiến lược thuần tuý
Concise Dictionary
+an elaborate and systematic plan of action
+the branch of military science dealing with military command and the planning and conduct of a war

Thesaurus Dictionary
plan, tactic(s), design, policy, procedure, scheme, blueprint, Colloq game or master plan, scenario:
The enemy's strategy calls for quick air strikes by low-flying bombers.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural strategies)
1 [C] ~ (for doing sth)
~ (to do sth) a plan that is intended to achieve a particular purpose: to develop a strategy for dealing with unemployment + It's all part of an overall strategy to gain promotion. + the government's economic strategy
2 [U] the process of planning sth or carrying out a plan in a skilful way: marketing strategy
3 [U, C] the skill of planning the movements of armies in a battle or war; an example of doing this: military strategy + defence strategies
Compare: TACTIC
Collocation Dictionary

| ~ for
to develop


effective, good, successful |
an effective strategy for change |
bad, poor | clear, coherent | ~ on
the party's strategy on
viable | future | long-term,
| ~ towards a medium-term, short-term |
comprehensive strategy towards
basic, broad, general, overall
regional developmentTheir overall strategy is quite


a change in strategy
Thegood, but one or two of the details coming year may herald a changecould be improved.
in strategy for major publishers. |
comprehensive | global
a global
marketing strategy
| grand | adoption/development/formulation draft | dual, two-pronged
of a strategy
The money will gogovernment has employed a dual towards the development of newstrategy to achieve these two product and sales strategies.
| the
| radical | high-risk, implementation/pursuit of a risky | defensive | prevention | strategy
Their single-minded
pursuit of this controversial
market-oriented, etc.
a strategy led to their fall fromcustomer-oriented business power.
| part of a strategy
| anti-inflationary,
pretended that resigning was part
anti-racist, etc. | survival |
of his long-term career strategy.
defence, military | campaign, election, electoral, government, political | pedagogic, teaching | learning | business, commercial, company, corporate, financial, investment, management/managerial, marketing, product, promotional, recruitment, research, sales | economic, energy, environmental, industrial, legislative, etc.


have | design, develop, devise, draw up, formulate, map out, plan, work out
A coherent strategy for getting more people back to work needs to be developed. The council is drawing up a strategy to meet the needs of the homeless.
| explore
It is certainly a strategy worth exploring.
| adopt, decide (on), employ, follow, implement, pursue, use
They're pursuing a strategy of massive retaliation.
| outline, propose, set out, unveil
The document sets out the government's new strategy.
| change, revise | focus
The company will now focus its strategy on its core business areas.
| abandon


be based on sth | be aimed at sth, be designed to
a strategy aimed at reducing therisk of accidents
| consist of sth, involve sth | work
Thecompany's financial strategy is notworking.
| fail


development, formulation | review | document, paper


in a/the ~
the key idea in

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