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straighten /'streitn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm cho thẳng
      • to straighten [out] an iron bar: đập một thanh sắt cho thắng
    • sắp xếp cho ngăn nắp
      • to straighten [up] a room: xếp một căn phòng cho ngăn nắp
  • nội động từ
    • thẳng ra
      • the rope straightens: dây thừng thẳng ra
Concise Dictionary
+straighten up or out; make straight
+make straight
+get up from a sitting or slouching position
+put (things or places) in order
+straighten by unrolling
+make straight or straighter

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 Often, straighten out. uncurl, untangle, disentangle, unsnarl, unravel, unkink; clear (up), settle, resolve, sort out, set or put straight or right or to rights, correct, adjust, rectify:
She decided to have her hair straightened. They are busy straightening out the matter of father's will.
2 Often, straighten out. reform, rehabilitate, organize, reorganize:
Perhaps psychotherapy will straighten him out.
3 Often, straighten out or up. tidy (up), arrange, rearrange, neaten, spruce up, put in order, clean (up):
Would you help me straighten up the place before you leave?
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 ~ (sth) (out) to become straight; to make sth straight: [VN] I straightened my tie and walked in. + [V] The road bends here then straightens out.
2 ~ (sth) (up) to make your body straight and upright: [VN] He stood up and straightened his shoulders. + I straightened myself up to answer the question. + [V] Straighten up slowly, then repeat the exercise ten times.
Phrasal Verbs: straighten sb<->out to help sb to deal with problems or understand a confused situation
straighten sth<->out to deal with a confused situation by organizing things that are causing problems: I need time to straighten out my finances.
straighten sth<->up to make sth neat and tidy

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