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stormy /'stɔ:mi/
  • tính từ
    • mãnh liệt như bão tố
      • stormy passions: những tình cảm mãnh liệt
      • stormy sea: biển nổi sóng dữ dội
    • ào ạt, sôi nổi
      • stormy debate: cuộc tranh luận sôi nổi
    • sóng gió
      • stormy life: cuộc đời sóng gió
    • báo bão
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 violent, tempestuous, blustery, turbulent, wild, howling, raging, roaring, foul, nasty, bad, not fit for man or beast, inclement:
It was always stormy along the eastern coast of the island.
2 violent, tempestuous, turbulent, fierce, fiery, frantic, frenetic, nerve-racking or nerve-wracking, frenzied, feverish, raving, wild:
He and Kate enjoyed - if that is the right word - a stormy relationship for thirty years.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (stormier, stormiest)
1 with strong winds and heavy rain or snow: a dark and stormy night + stormy weather / seas
2 full of strong feelings and angry arguments: a stormy debate / meeting / relationship

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