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stimulate /'stimjuleit/
  • nội động từ
    • kích thích, khuyến khích
Concise Dictionary
stimulates|stimulated|stimulating'stɪmjəleɪt /-jʊl-
+act as a stimulant
+cause to do; cause to act in a specified manner
+stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of
+cause to be alert and energetic
+cause to occur rapidly
+stir feelings in
+provide the needed stimulus for

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 rouse, arouse, waken, awaken, wake up, excite, incite, inspire, encourage, spur, quicken, fire, fuel, nourish, activate, whip or stir up, goad, galvanize, jolt, inspirit:
What can be done to stimulate students to study history? Their teacher eventually found a way to stimulate their interest.
2 increase, encourage, prompt, provoke, quicken:
This drug stimulates the circulation of the blood.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb
1 [VN] to make sth develop or become more active; to encourage sth: The exhibition has stimulated interest in her work. + The article can be used to stimulate discussion among students. + a government package designed to stimulate economic growth
2 to make sb interested and excited about sth: [VN] Parents should give children books that stimulate them. + Both men and women are stimulated by erotic photos (= sexually). + [VN to inf] The conference stimulated him to study the subject in more depth.
3 [VN] (technical) to make a part of the body function: The women were given fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries.
stimulation noun [U]: sensory / intellectual / sexual / visual / physical stimulation
Collocation Dictionary


greatly, significantly, strongly | further | effectively | directly
An interest rate increase directly stimulates saving and reduces real expenditure.
| intellectually
activities designed to stimulate the children intellectually


help (to) | be designed to, be intended to

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