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step /step/
  • danh từ
    • bước, bước đi; bước khiêu vũ
      • to take a step forward: tiến lên một bước
      • it is but a step to my house: chỉ một bước thì đến nhà tôi
      • in step: đúng bước, đều bước
      • out of step: sai bước
      • to keep step: đi đúng bước
      • to break step: đi sai bước
      • in someone's steps: nối bước ai, theo gương ai
    • bậc lên xuống, nấc thang; thang đứng ((cũng) step ladder); bục, bệ (bàn thờ...)
      • a staircase of 50 steps: cầu thang có 50 bậc
    • cấp bậc; sự thăng cấp
      • to get one's step: được thăng cấp, được đề bạt
    • biện pháp
      • to take steps in a matter: có biện pháp để giải quyết một vấn đề
      • a prudent step: một biện pháp thận trọng
    • (hàng hải) bệ cột buồm
    • (kỹ thuật) gối trục
    • nội động từ
      • bước, bước đi
      • (+ into) bước vào, lâm vào (một hoàn cảnh nào...)
      • (+ on) giẫm lên, lây chân ấn vào, đạp vào, dận
        • to step on someone's foot: giẫm lên chân ai
        • to step on the gas: dận ga tăng tốc độ (đen & bóng)
    • ngoại động từ
      • khiêu vũ, nhảy
        • to step it with somebody: khiêu vũ với ai
        • to step the polka: nhảy điệu pônca
      • ((thường) + out) đo bằng bước chân
      • làm bậc, làm bậc thang cho
        • he stepped the hill leading to his house: anh ta làm bậc cho quả đồi dẫn đến căn nhà của anh ta
      • (hàng hải) dựng (buồm) lên bệ
      • to step aside
        • bước sang một bên
      • nói lạc đề
      • to step in
        • bước vào
      • can thiệp vào
      • to step out
        • bước ra một lát (khỏi phòng, nhà...)
      • ((từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục)) đi đến chỗ hẹn hò với ai
      • bước dài
      • đo bằng bước chân
      • to step up
        • tới gần, tiến lại gần
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) tiến bước, tiến bộ
      • tăng cường, đẩy mạnh
        • to step up production: đẩy mạnh sản xuất
      • to step it
        • khiêu vũ
      • to step on it
        • (thông tục) đi vội, rảo bước
    Concise Dictionary
    +any maneuver made as part of progress toward a goal
    +the distance covered by a step
    +the act of changing location by raising the foot and setting it down
    +support consisting of a place to rest the foot while ascending or descending a stairway
    +relative position in a graded series
    +a short distance
    +the sound of a step of someone walking
    +a musical interval of two semitones
    +a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface
    +a solid block joined to the beams in which the heel of a ship's mast or capstan is fixed
    +a sequence of foot movements that make up a particular dance
    +shift or move by taking a step
    +put down or press the foot, place the foot
    +cause (a computer) to execute a single command
    +treat badly
    +furnish with steps
    +move with one's feet in a specific manner
    +walk a short distance to a specified place or in a specified manner
    +place (a ship's mast) in its step
    +measure (distances) by pacing
    +move or proceed as if by steps into a new situation

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 movement, move:
    The steps of the dance were very intricate.
    2 footfall, footstep, tread:
    I think I hear father's step on the stair.
    3 footstep, footprint, trace, spoor, track, trace, mark, impression; imprint, vestige:
    In his master's steps he trod, where the snow lay dinted.
    4 action, initiative, measure, activity, procedure, move, motion:
    What steps are needed to improve the situation?
    5 stage, move, gradation, degree, progression:
    Can we not proceed from one to the other in easy steps?
    6 pace, footstep, stride:
    My mother's cottage is just a few steps away, at the bottom of the garden.
    7 in step (with). in keeping (with), in harmony or agreement (with), harmonious (with), agreeable (with), according (with or to), concordant (with), attuned (to), in tune (with), consonant (with), consistent (with), appropriate (to), fitting (for); conventional, traditional, routine:
    Do you think that her ideas of discipline are in step with the times? I am not sure they are in step at all.
    8 out of step (with). out of keeping (with), out of or not in harmony or agreement (with), not harmonious (with), not agreeable (with), not according (with or to), discordant (with), not concordant (with), not attuned (to), out of tune (with), not consonant (with), inconsistent (with), inappropriate (to), not fitting (for); offbeat, unconventional, eccentric, Slang kinky:
    You must admit that her views are out of step with the committee's.
    9 step by step. gradually, a step at a time, slowly, steadily:
    The way to unravel the problem is to analyse it step by step.
    10 steps.
    (a) course, way, route, direction, path, movement, passage; journey, journeying, travels, travelling:
    After leaving the village, I directed my steps southward, towards the coast.
    (b) stairway, stairs, stair, staircase, stepladder, US and Canadian stoop:
    Claire walked down the steps to greet me.
    11 take steps. proceed, move, begin or start or commence to act or to take action, do something:
    We must take steps to prevent this from happening again.
    12 watch one's step. tread carefully or cautiously, be cautious or careful, exercise care or caution, be wary or discreet, be on the qui vive, be or remain alert, be on one's guard, have or keep one's wits about one, take care or heed, Colloq pussyfoot about:
    You must really watch your step with Marnie to avoid upsetting her.
    13 move, walk, look; pace, stride:
    Step lively or you'll miss your last chance to see the elephants.
    14 step down.
    (a) resign, abdicate, quit, bow out, retire:
    Don't you think it time you stepped down from the chairmanship?
    (b) decrease, diminish, reduce:
    Using this transformer, we can step down the voltage gradually.
    15 step in. intervene, interfere, intercede, become involved:
    It seemed the right time for us to step in and take over the company.
    16 step on it. hurry (up), make haste, hasten, speed up:
    He'd better step on it if he is going to catch his plane.
    17 step out.
    (a) go outside or out of doors, leave:
    Would you mind stepping out for a few minutes while we settle this in private?
    (b) go out, socialize:
    Notice how quickly Genevieve has started stepping out again after her bereavement.
    (c) become disinvolved, withdraw, secede:
    Our firm stepped out of the negotiations when we saw who was bidding.
    18 step up.
    (a) improve, progress:
    George has certainly stepped up in the world since I knew him at university.
    (b) increase, accelerate, raise, intensify, boost, escalate, up, speed up:
    They stepped up the pace until she could no longer keep up with them.

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