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stay /stei/
  • danh từ
    • (hàng hải) dây néo (cột buồm...)
    • in stays
      • đang trở buồm
    • to miss stays
      • không lợi dụng được chiều gió
  • ngoại động từ
    • (hàng hải) néo (cột buồm) bằng dây
    • lái theo hướng gió
    • danh từ
      • sự trở lại, sự lưu lại
        • to make a long stay in Hanoi: lưu lại lâu ở Hà nội
      • sự đình lại, sự hoãn lại
        • stay of execution: sự hoãn thi hành (một bản án)
      • sự ngăn cản, sự trở ngại
        • a stay upon his activity: một trở ngại cho hoạt động của anh ta
      • sự chịu đựng; khả năng chịu đựng; sự bền bỉ, sự dẻo dai
      • chỗ nương tựa, cái chống đỡ
        • to be the stay of someone's old age: là chỗ nương tựa của ai lúc tuổi già
      • (số nhiều) (như) corset
      • ngoại động từ
        • chặn, ngăn chặn
          • to stay the hands of imperialism: chặn bàn tay của chủ nghĩa đế quốc
        • đình lại, hoãn lại
        • chống đỡ
        • nội động từ
          • ở lại, lưu lại
            • to stay at home: ở nhà
            • to stay to dinner: ở lại ăn cơm
          • ((thường) lời mệnh lệnh) ngừng lại, dừng lại
            • get him to stay a minute: bảo anh ta dừng lại một tí
          • chịu đựng, dẻo dai (trong cuộc đua...)
          • to stay away
            • không đến, văng mặt
          • to stay in
            • không ra ngoài
          • to stay on
            • lưu lại thêm một thời gian nữa
          • to stay out
            • ở ngoài, không về nhà
          • ở lại cho đến hết (cuộc biểu diễn...)
          • to stay up late
            • thức khuya
          • to stay one's stomach
            • (xem) stomach
          • this has come to stay
            • cái này có thể coi là vĩnh viễn
        Concise Dictionary
        +continuing or remaining in a place or state
        +a judicial order forbidding some action until an event occurs or the order is lifted
        +the state of inactivity following an interruption
        +(nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar
        +a thin strip of metal or bone that is used to stiffen a garment (e.g. a corset)
        +stay the same; remain in a certain state
        +stay put (in a certain place)
        +continue in a place, position, or situation
        +remain behind
        +stop or halt
        +stay behind
        +hang on during a trial of endurance
        +stop a judicial process
        +fasten with stays
        +overcome or allay

        Thesaurus Dictionary
        1 remain, stop, continue, tarry, wait, stand, Colloq freeze:
        Stay where you are or I'll shoot!
        2 remain, stop, lodge, sojourn, abide, reside, dwell, live, visit:
        I heard that Sheila was back in town, staying at her aunt's.
        3 keep, remain, continue to be:
        I was having trouble staying awake.
        4 stop, arrest, thwart, prevent, put an end to, halt, interrupt, block, check; curb, retard, slow, impede, foil, obstruct, hamper, hinder, discourage, deter; delay, postpone, put off, discontinue, defer, Technical prorogue:
        Only one man has the authority to stay the execution. What can be done to stay the advance of the killer bees?
        5 linger, loiter, wait, tarry, stop, remain, Archaic bide:
        I like this part of the world and plan to stay here a while.
        6 stop, stoppage, arrest, set-back, check, halt, prevention, discontinuance, discontinuation, interruption, blockage, delay, postponement, deferment, deferral, reprieve:
        Have you been able to arrange a stay in carrying out the sentence?
        7 stopover, sojourn, visit, stop:
        We really enjoyed our stay at Fred's house in Fort Lauderdale.
        1 guy, line, rope, cable, chain, support, brace, reinforcement; Technical head-stay, (running) backstay, forestay, mainstay, mizen-stay:
        If one of those stays gives way, the entire structure may fall.
        2 support, strengthen, secure, reinforce, brace, buttress, gird, shore (up):
        The mast is stayed by two steel cables, fore and aft.
        Advanced English Dictionary
        verb, noun
        + verb
        1 to continue to be in a particular place for a period of time without moving away: [V] to stay in bed / in the house / in your room + 'Do you want a drink?' 'No, thanks, I can't stay.' + Stay there and don't move! + We ended up staying for lunch. + She stayed at home (= did not go out to work) while the children were young. + I'm staying late at the office tonight. + My hat won't stay on! + Can you stay behind after the others have gone and help me clear up? + I can stay a few minutes longer. + We stayed to see what would happen. + [V -ing] They stayed talking until well into the night.
        Help Note: In spoken English stay can be used with and plus another verb, instead of with to and the infinitive, to show purpose or to tell somebody what to do: I'll stay and help you. + Can you stay and keep an eye on the baby?
        2 to continue to be in a particular state or situation: [V-ADJ] He never stays angry for long. + I can't stay awake any longer. + The store stays open until late on Thursdays. + Stay tuned (= used to ask people to continue listening to or watching a particular programme on the radio or television). + [V +adv./prep.] I don't know why they stay together (= remain married or in a relationship). + Inflation stayed below 4% last month. + She did not want to stay in nursing all her life. + The TV stays on all day in their house. + [V-N] We promised to stay friends for ever.
        3 [V] to live in a place temporarily as a guest or visitor: We found out we were staying in the same hotel. + My sister's coming to stay next week. + He's staying with friends this weekend. + I stayed three nights at my cousin's house.
        Help Note: In Scottish English, stay can mean 'to live in a place permanently': Where do you stay (= where do you live)?
        Idioms: be here to stay
        have come to stay to be accepted or used by most people and therefore a permanent part of our lives: It looks like televised trials are here to stay.
        stay! (spoken) used to tell a dog not to move
        stay the course to continue doing sth until it has finished or been completed, even though it is difficult: Very few of the trainees have stayed the course.
        stay your hand (old-fashioned or literary) to stop yourself from doing sth; to prevent you from doing sth
        stay the night (especially BrE) to sleep at sb's house for one night: You can always stay the night at our house.
        stay put (informal) if sb/sth stays put, they continue to be in the place where they are or where they have been put: He chose to stay put while the rest of us toured the area.
        more at CLEAR adv., LOOSE adj.
        Phrasal Verbs: stay around (informal) to not leave somewhere: I'll stay around in case you need me. + They didn't stay around to be caught.
        stay away (from sb/sth) to not go near a particular person or place: I want you to stay away from my daughter.
        stay in to not go out or indoors: I feel like staying in tonight.
        stay on to continue studying, working, etc. somewhere for longer than expected or after other people have left: She's staying on at university to do research. + We hope he will stay on as manager at the end of his contract.
        stay out
        1 to continue to be outdoors or away from your house at night: I don't like you staying out so late.
        2 (of workers) to continue to be on strike
        stay out of sth
        1 to not become involved in sth that does not concern you: I wish you'd stay out of my business!
        2 to avoid sth: to stay out of trouble / sight
        stay over to sleep at sb's house for one night: We have a spare bed if you want to stay over.
        stay up to go to bed later than usual: You've got school tomorrow. I don't want you staying up late. + We stayed up half the night talking.
        + noun
        1 a period of staying; a visit: I enjoyed my stay in Prague. + an overnight stay
        2 a rope or wire that supports a ship's MAST, a pole, etc.
        See also - MAINSTAY
        Idioms: a stay of execution (especially law) a delay in carrying out the order of a court: to grant a stay of execution + There will be no stay of execution and few mourners for this concrete tower block, due to be demolished next month.
        Collocation Dictionary


        lengthy, long, prolonged | brief, overnight, short, temporary | indefinite | 3-week, 3-weeks', week-long, etc. | comfortable, enjoyable, pleasant | hospital
        In recent years the average hospital stay for elderly patients has decreased.

        VERB + STAY

        Did you enjoy your stay in Prague?
        | shorten | extend, prolong
        She has extended her stay by three days.


        during a/the ~
        We did a lot of walking during our stay.
        | throughout a/the ~
        It poured with rain throughout their stay.


        the duration/length of (your) stay

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