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status /'steitəs/
  • danh từ
    • địa vị, thân phận, thân thế
      • official status: địa vị chính thức
      • diplomatic status: thân phận ngoại giao
    • (pháp lý) quân hệ pháp lý (giữa người này với những người khác)
    • tình trạng
Concise Dictionary
statuses'stætəs /'steɪtəs
+the relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society
+a state at a particular time

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 eminence, prominence, pre-eminence, standing, stature, importance, significance, repute, reputation, rank, station:
Few could approach Keith's status as a pathologist.
2 See standing, 5, above.
1 steadfast, loyal, firm, unflinching, steady, unshrinking, unswerving, dependable, reliable, (tried and) true, devoted, true-blue, trusty, trusted, faithful, unfaltering, undeviating, unwavering:
Charles has always been a staunch supporter of the party.
2 strong, solid, sturdy, sound, well-built, stout, substantial, well-constructed, well-made, tough, rugged, long-lasting; watertight, seaworthy:
The ship's staunch oaken hull has withstood much abuse over the years.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U, C, usually sing.]
1 the legal position of a person, group or country: They were granted refugee status. + The party was denied legal status.
2 [U, C, usually sing.] the social or professional position of sb/sth in relation to others: low status jobs + to have a high social status + Women are only asking to be given equal status with men. + She achieved celebrity status overnight.
3 [U] high rank or social position: The job brings with it status and a high income.
4 [U, C, usually sing.] the level of importance that is given to sth: the high status accorded to science in our culture
5 [U] the situation at a particular time during a process: What is the current status of our application for funds?
Collocation Dictionary


great, high, superior | inferior, low, lowly
low-status jobs
| relative
The relative status of the speakers affects what language is used.
| equal | current | full
The college has now achieved full status as part of the university.
| privileged, special | economic, educational, employment, financial, occupational, professional, social, socio-economic
a payment made to every individual irrespective of employment status
| marital | legal
They argued that the email had no signature and therefore no legal status.
| independent
A referendum produced a massive majority in favour of fully independent status for the region.
| amateur | charitable
The organization has charitable status.
| diplomatic | immigrant, refugee, resident | international | celebrity
He achieved celebrity status through his role in a popular sitcom.
| classic, cult, legendary
a car from the 50s that has acquired cult status


enjoy, have
The teaching profession has a low status in England. This sort of bike has status among teenagers.
| achieve, acquire
Marrying a rich woman helped him achieve status.
| bring sb, give sb
Owning the yacht has given them status.
| accord, attach, give
High social status is attached to the legal profession.
| recognize | befit
At last James had an office that befitted his status.
| rise in
The neighbourhood has risen in status in recent years.
| improve, raise
They are campaigning to raise the status of nurses.
| lower | change | maintain | lose
Churches seem to have lost some of their status.
| apply for
She applied for resident status but was turned down.
| acquire, get
They have acquired refugee status.
| grant sb | deny sb, refuse sb
Women are still denied equal status in the company.


Scars are status symbols among mountain bike riders.


~ as
China's status as an economic superpower
| ~ among
The company has managed to maintain its status among retailers.


change in status
the change in status of teachers

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