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standardize /'stændədaiz/ (standardise) /'stændədaiz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • tiêu chuẩn hoá
    • standardized production
      • sự sản xuất hàng loạt
Concise Dictionary
+cause to conform to standard or norm
+evaluate by comparing with a standard

Thesaurus Dictionary
regiment, systematize, codify, normalize, homogenize:
We could save money if we standardized the dimensions of the books we publish.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE also standardise) + verb
[VN] to make objects or activities of the same type have the same features or qualities; to make sth standard: attempts to standardize legislation on the matter + a standardized contract / design / test
standardization, standardisation noun [U]: the standardization of components

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