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speciality /,spəʃi'æliti/
  • danh từ
    • đặc tính, đặc trưng, nét đặc biệt
    • ngành chuyên môn
Concise Dictionary
+an asset of special worth or utility
+a distinguishing trait
+the special line of work you have adopted as your career

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 expertise, talent, genius, gift, skill, aptitude, trade, craft, accomplishment, ability, strength, forte, strong point, capability, adeptness, art, sphere, field, area, subject, concentration, specialization, métier, Chiefly US and Canadian specialty, Colloq bag, thing, cup of tea, baby, claim to fame:
Dr Mann's speciality is tropical diseases.
2 piêce de resistance, spécialité de la maison, special, Chiefly US and Canadian specialty, US blueplate special:
Today's speciality is calves' brains au beurre noir.
Advanced English Dictionary
(BrE) (also specialty AmE, BrE) noun (plural specialities)
1 a type of food or product that a restaurant or place is famous for because it is so good: Seafood is a speciality on the island. + local specialities + a speciality cheese shop (= one that sells many different types of cheese) + Haggis is a Scottish speciality.
2 an area of work or study that sb gives most of their attention to and knows a lot about; sth that sb is good at: My speciality is international tax law.
Collocation Dictionary


local, regional


a speciality of the house
I ordered the speciality of the house?frogs' legs.

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