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  • không gian; khoảng thời gian; chỗ
  • action s. không gian tác dụng
  • adjoint s. không gian liên hợp
  • adjunct s. không gian phụ hợp
  • affine s. không gian afin
  • affinely connected s. không gian liên thông afin
  • base s. không gian cơ sở
  • biafine s. không gian song afin
  • bundle s. không gian phân thớ
  • Cartesian s. không gian Ơclit
  • centred affin s. không gian afin có tâm
  • classifying s. không gian phân loại
  • compact s. không gian compac
  • complete s. không gian đủ
  • completely regular s. (tô pô) không gian hoàn toàn chính quy
  • configuration s. không gian cấu hình
  • conjugate s. (đại số) không gian liên hợp
  • contractible s. không gian co rút được
  • control s. không gian điều khiển
  • covex s. không gian lồi
  • coset s. không gian các lớp
  • covering s. không gian phủ
  • curved s. không gian cong
  • deal s. (điều khiển học) vùng chết, vùng không bắt
  • decision s. (thống kê) không gian các quyết định
  • decomposition s. (tô pô) không gian phân hoạch
  • discrete s. không gian rời rạc
  • dual vector s. không gian vectơ đối ngẫu
  • elliptic s. không gian eliptic
  • fibre s. không gian phân thớ
  • finite s. không gian hữu hạn
  • finite dimensional s. không gian hữu hạn chiều
  • flat s. không gian dẹt
  • four dimensional s. không gian bốn chiều
  • generalized s. (tô pô) không gian suy rộng
  • homeomorphic s.s không gian đồng phôi
  • homogeneous s. (hình học) không gian thuần nhất
  • hyperbolic s. không gian hypebolic
  • isometric s. không gian đẳng cự
  • lacunar(y) s. miền có lỗ hổng
  • lens s. (tô pô) không gian thấu kính
  • linear s. không gian tuyền tính
  • locally convex s. (giải tích) không gian lồi địa phương
  • loop s. (tô pô) không gian các nút
  • measurable s. không gian đo được
  • measure s. không gian có độ đo
  • metric s. không gian mêtric
  • modular s. không gian môđula
  • neighbourhood s. không gian lân cận
  • non-modular s. (hình học) không gian không môđula
  • normed s. (giải tích) không gian định chuẩn
  • null s.
  • one-dimensional s. không gian một chiều
  • parabolic s. không gian parabolic
  • paracompact s. không gian paracompact
  • perpendicular s. không gian trực giao
  • phase s. không gian pha
  • policy s. trchi. không gian các chiến lược
  • product s. không gian tích
  • projective s. (hình học) không gian xạ ảnh
  • proximity s. không gian lân cận
  • pseudo-Euclidian s. không gian giả Oclit
  • pseudospherical s. không gian giả cầu
  • quintuple s. không gian năm chiều
  • quotient s. không gian thương
  • rational s. không gian hữu tỷ
  • ray s. (đại số) không gian các tia
  • real s. không gian thực
  • reflexive s. không gian phản xạ
  • regular s. không gian chính quy
  • representation s. không gian biểu diễn
  • ring-like s. (tô pô) không gian giống vành
  • sample s. không gian mẫu
  • separable s. không gian [tách được, khả li]
  • seperated s. không gian tách, không gian Hauxđooc
  • sequence s. không gian các dãy
  • signal s. không gian các tín hiệu
  • simply connected s.s các không gian đơn liên
  • skew-metric s. (hình học) không gian với mêtric lệch
  • spherical s. không gian cầu
  • state s. không gian trạng thái
  • structure s. of a ring không gian cấu trúc của một vành
  • subprojective s. không gian xạ ảnh dưới
  • symplectic s. không gian đơn hình
  • totally imbedded s. không gian bị nhúng hoàn toàn
  • three-dimensional s. không gian ba chiều
  • topological s. không gian tôpô
  • topologically complete s. không gian đủ tôpô
  • total s. of fibration không gian toàn phần của phân thớ
  • two-dimensional s. không gian hai chiều
  • uniform s. không gian đều
  • unitary s. không gian unita
  • vector s. (giải tích) không gian vectơ, không gian tuyến tính
Concise Dictionary
+the unlimited expanse in which everything is located
+an empty area (usually bounded in some way between things)
+an area reserved for some particular purpose
+a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing
+the interval between two times
+a blank area
+one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff
+(printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words
+place at intervals
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 spaciousness, room, place, expanse, elbow-room, leeway, margin, latitude, play:
There was no space for another desk.
2 blank:
When the spaces are filled in, the puzzle is done.
3 interval, lapse, period, time, hiatus, lacuna, span, while, duration, extent, spell, stretch, pause, wait, intermission, gap, break, interruption:
After a short space we were home again.
4 accommodation, seat, berth, room, place:
Luckily, I got the last available space on the plane.
5 arrange, organize, array, set out, align, range, order, rank, lay out, measure (out):
Space the trees about eight feet apart.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
empty area
1 [U] an amount of an area or of a place that is empty or that is available for use
Synonym: ROOM
disk / floor / office / shelf space + We must make good use of the available space. + That desk takes up too much space. + There is very little storage space in the department. + Can we make space for an extra chair? - PLACE
2 [C] an area or a place that is empty: a large / small / narrow / wide space + a space two metres by three metres + a parking space + crowded together in a confined space + I'll clear a space for your books. + Put it in the space between the table and the wall.
3 [U] the quality of being large and empty, allowing you to move freely
The room has been furnished and decorated to give a feeling of space.
4 [C, U] a large area of land that has no buildings on it: the wide open spaces of the Canadian prairies + It's a city with fine buildings and plenty of open space.
outside earth's atmosphere
5 (also outer space) [U] the area outside the earth's atmosphere where all the other planets and stars are: the first woman in space + the possibility of visitors from outer space + the US space programme + a space flight / mission
period of time
6 [C, usually sing.] a period of time: Forty-four people died in the space of five days. + They had achieved a lot in a short space of time. + Leave a space of two weeks between appointments.
in writing / printing
7 [U, C] the part of a line, page or document that is empty and is available for use: Don't waste space by leaving a wide margin. + There was not enough space to print all the letters we received. + Leave a space after the comma.
8 [U] the freedom and the time to think or do what you want to: She was upset and needed space. + You have to give teenagers plenty of space.
where things exist / move
9 [U] the whole area in which all things exist and move: It is quite possible that space and time are finite.
Idioms: look / stare / gaze into space to look straight in front of you without looking at a particular thing, usually because you are thinking about sth: He sat staring into space, like a man in a trance.
more at WASTE n., WATCH v.
+ verb [VN] [usually +adv./prep.] [often passive] to arrange things so that they have regular spaces between them: evenly / widely spaced plants + a row of closely spaced dots + Space the posts about a metre apart.
Phrasal Verbs: space out (informal, especially AmE) to take no notice of what is happening around you, especially as a result of taking drugs: I can't remember what happened next-I was totally spacing out.
See also - SPACED OUT
space sth<->out to arrange things with a wide space between them: The houses are spaced out in this area of town. + Mothers were being advised to try to space out their pregnancies.
Collocation Dictionary

1 empty area


large, vast, wide
She left a large space empty at the bottom of the page. He liked the wide open spaces of the Australian countryside.
| adequate, ample, enough, sufficient
The new flat has ample living space.
| limited, small, tiny | narrow
the narrow space between the sofa and the wall
| open | confined, enclosed
Avoid using the cleaner in a confined space.
| awkward
This chisel is useful for getting into awkward spaces.
| available, free, vacant
The exhibition takes up most of the available space in the gallery. looking for a free parking space
| blank, empty, white
Fill in the blank spaces in the table. The page layout included plenty of white space.
| living | storage | floor, roof, shelf, wall, etc. | office | parking | personal
She moved out of the house because she wanted her own personal space.
| private | public | green
The inner residential areas don't have many green spaces.
| air
The plane strayed into French air space.
| disk | advertising
The magazine is struggling to fill all its advertising space.
| exhibition, gallery


make use of, take up, use
The potted plants take up too much space.
| create, make
They moved the sofa to make space for the piano.
| waste | save | clear
We'd better clear a space for the new computer.
| fill (in) | jostle for
A motley collection of ornaments jostled for space on the crowded shelf.
| stare into
She sat there motionless, staring into space.


~ between
the space between the bookshelves


be/run short of space
I'm running short of disk space.
| time and space
The writer lacked the time and space to develop his idea fully.

2 vast area containing planets, stars, etc.


deep | outer


go into


exploration, programme, research, science | flight, travel | capsule, probe, rocket, ship
shuttle, station


in ~
the first man in space

3 period of time


long | brief, short | 2-second, 10-minute, etc.
The recording includes a 5-second space between tracks.
| breathing
The extension of the deadline gives us a breathing space.


for the ~ of
The job holder will be on probation for the space of six months.
| in/within the ~ of
He fell asleep in the space of a few minutes.
| ~ of
She returned to top-class tennis after a space of two years.


a space of time
They have achieved a great deal in a short space of time.



at intervals, equally, evenly, regularly
Telephone boxes are spaced at regular intervals along the motorway. Make sure the posts are spaced evenly apart.
| irregularly | closely | generously, well, widely | apart, out
The fruits should be well spaced out so that they are not touching each other.



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