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sovereign /'sɔvrin/
  • tính từ
    • tối cao
      • sovereign power: quyền tối cao
    • có chủ quyền
      • a sovereign state: một nước có chủ quyền
    • hiệu nghiệm, thần hiệu
      • a sovereign remedy: thuốc thần hiệu
  • danh từ
    • vua, quốc vương
    • đồng xôvơren (tiền vàng của Anh)
Concise Dictionary
sovereigns'sɑvərɪn /'sɒvrɪn
+a nation's ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right
+(of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces
+greatest in status or authority or power

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 monarch, ruler, emperor, empress, king, queen, prince, princess, potentate, chief, master, mistress, shah, sultan; Akund (of Swat), Gaekwar (of Baroda), Nizam (of Hyderabad), Mehtar (of Chitral), Nucifrage of Nuremberg, Sheikh of Araby, Colloq supremo:
She is the sovereign and must be obeyed.
2 supreme, paramount, highest, principal, foremost, greatest, predominant, dominant, ranking, leading, chief, superior, pre-eminent, ruling, regnant, reigning, governing, all-powerful, absolute, unlimited:
The first-born of the monarch is vested with sovereign authority upon the monarch's death.
3 royal, regal, majestic, noble, lordly, aristocratic, kingly, queenly:
He was hailed as the sovereign ruler of all the islands.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, adjective
+ noun
1 (formal) a king or queen
2 an old British gold coin worth one pound
+ adjective (formal)
1 [only before noun] (of a country or state) free to govern itself; completely independent: a sovereign state + to be given sovereign rights
2 having complete power or the greatest power in the country: a sovereign ruler + Parliament must always remain sovereign.

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