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sound /saund/
  • tính từ
    • khoẻ mạnh, tráng kiện, lành mạnh
      • a sound body: một thân thể tráng kiện
      • a sound mind: một trí óc lành mạnh
    • lành lặn, không hỏng, không giập thối
      • sound fruit: quả lành lặn (không bị giập thối)
    • đúng đắn, có cơ sở, vững; lôgic, hợp lý
      • a sound doctrine: một học thuyết đứng đắn
      • sound argument: một lý lẽ có cơ sở
      • sound views: quan điểm hợp lý
    • yên giấc, ngon
      • a sound sleep: giấc ngủ ngon
    • đến nơi đến chốn, ra trò (trận đòn)
      • a sound flogging: một trận đòn ra trò
    • vững chãi; có thể trả nợ được
      • a sound financial situation: một hãng buôn vững chãi
  • phó từ
    • ngon lành (ngủ)
    • danh từ
      • âm, âm thanh, tiếng, tiếng động
        • vowel sound: âm nguyên âm
      • giọng
        • statement has a cheerful sound in it: lời phát biểu có giọng vui vẻ
      • ấn tượng (do âm thanh... gây ra)
      • nội động từ
        • kêu, vang tiếng, kêu vang
          • the trumpets sound: tiếng kèn kêu vang
        • nghe như, nghe có vẻ
          • it sounds as if a tap were running: nghe như có cái vòi nước đang chảy
          • it sounds very hollow: nghe có vẻ trống rỗng quá
          • it sounds all right: nghe có vẻ được lắm
      • ngoại động từ
        • làm cho kêu, thổi, đánh
          • to sound a trumpet: thổi kèn
          • to sound a horn: thổi tù và
        • gõ để kiểm tra (bánh xe lửa)
        • (y học) gõ để nghe bệnh
        • đọc
          • the "b" in "comb" is not sounded: chữ " b" trong từ " comb" không đọc
        • báo, báo hiệu
          • to sound a retreat: thổi hiệu lệnh rút lui
          • to sound someone's praises far and wide: ca ngợi ai khắp nơi xa gần
      • danh từ
        • (y học) cái thông
        • ngoại động từ
          • dò (đáy sông, đáy biển...)
          • (y học) dò bằng ống thông
          • thăm dò (quyển khí...)
          • (nghĩa bóng) thăm dò (tư tưởng, tình cảm...)
          • nội động từ
            • lặn xuống đáy (cá voi...)
            • danh từ
              • eo biển
              • bong bóng cá
            Concise Dictionary
            +the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause
            +the subjective sensation of hearing something
            +mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium
            +the sudden occurrence of an audible event
            +the audible part of a transmitted signal
            +(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
            +a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water
            +a large ocean inlet or deep bay
            +appear in a certain way
            +make a certain noise or sound
            +give off a certain sound or sounds
            +announce by means of a sound
            +utter with vibrating vocal chords
            +cause to sound
            +measure the depth of (a body of water) with a sounding line
            +financially secure and safe
            +exercising or showing good judgment
            +in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay
            +in excellent physical condition
            +logically valid
            +having legal efficacy or force
            +free from moral defect
            +(of sleep) deep and complete

            Thesaurus Dictionary
            I n.
            1 tone; noise; din; cacophony; report:
            This piano has a tinny sound. We could hear the sound of laughter from below. I heard nothing over the sound of the crowd. Sounds of gunfire echoed in the valley.
            2 ring, tone, impression, characteristic, quality, effect, aspect, look:
            I didn't like the sound of that remark.
            3 hearing, range, earshot:
            Anyone within the sound of his voice could tell that he was angry.
            4 resound, reverberate, echo, resonate:
            The noises sound very close.
            5 seem, appear, look; strike one, give one the impression or feeling or sense (that); resemble, sound or seem or look like:
            It sounds as if you don't want to come to my party. That sounds like Russian to me.
            6 ring, (be) activate(d), (be) set or touch(ed) off, signal:
            Anyone walking into the room sounds the alarm. The alarm sounds when the beam is broken.
            7 Sometimes, sound out. articulate, pronounce, enunciate, utter; voice, vocalize:
            I was taught to speak clearly, to sound each consonant and vowel.
            8 Sometimes, sound out or off. shout (out), cry out, yell (out):
            Sound out those numbers loud and clear!
            9 sound off. vituperate, complain, bluster, grumble, Slang bitch:
            Today Mr Morrison was again sounding off about the service in the caféé.
            1 undamaged, uninjured, whole, unmarred, in good condition or shape, intact, unimpaired, unscathed:
            When the vase was sold to you it was sound.
            2 healthy, hale (and hearty), fit (as a fiddle), robust, vigorous, blooming, rosy, ruddy:
            Old Tom is as sound as ever.
            3 firm, solid, substantial, strong, sturdy, tough, rugged, durable, well-built, well-constructed, dependable:
            A business, like a building, must be built on sound foundations if it is to last.
            4 sane, balanced, normal, rational, wholesome, reasoning, reasonable, clear-headed, lucid, right-minded, responsible, practical, prudent, politic, wise, sensible, logical, common-sense, commonsensical, astute, far-sighted, perceptive, perspicacious, percipient; valid, good, judicious, reliable, useful:
            As Juvenal said, 'Mens sana in corpore sano,' or 'A sound mind in a sound body'. My old teacher gave me a lot of sound advice.
            5 safe, secure, good, conservative, non-speculative, solid, riskless; profitable:
            Are you sure that utilities are a sound investment now?
            6 unbroken, uninterrupted, undisturbed, untroubled, peaceful, deep:
            I drank the potion and at once fell into a sound sleep.
            II v.
            1 Often, sound out. plumb, probe, test, check (out or into), fathom, inquire or enquire of, question, poll, canvass, investigate, examine, survey:
            Sound out the membership on their feelings about increasing the dues.
            2 dive, plunge, submerge:
            The great whale sounded, almost taking the tiny boat down with it.
            III n.
            inlet, strait(s), fiord or fjord, bight, (sea) loch, bay, arm of the sea, cove, Scots firth:
            The breeze freshened as we sailed across the Sound of Mull.
            Advanced English Dictionary
            noun, verb, adjective, adverb
            + noun
            sth you hear
            1 [C] something that you can hear: a high / low sound + a clicking / buzzing / scratching sound + the different sounds and smells of the forest + She heard the sound of footsteps outside. + He crept into the house trying not to make a sound.
            2 [U] continuous rapid movements, (called VIBRATIONS) that travel through air or water and can be heard when they reach a person's or an animal's ear: Sound travels more slowly than light. - NOISE
            from television / radio
            3 [U] what you can hear coming from a television, radio, etc., or as part of a film/movie: Could you turn the sound down? + The sound quality of the tapes was excellent. + a sound engineer
            of musicians
            4 [C, U] the effect that is produced by the music of a particular singer or group of musicians: I like their sound.
            5 [sing.] the ~ of sth the idea or impression that you get of sb/sth from what sb says or what you read: They had a wonderful time by the sound of it. + From the sound of things you were lucky to find him. + They're consulting a lawyer? I don't like the sound of that.
            6 [C] (often in place names) a narrow passage of water that joins two larger areas of water
            Synonym: STRAIT
            Plymouth Sound
            Idioms: like, etc. the sound of your own voice (disapproving) to like talking a lot or too much, usually without wanting to listen to other people: She's much too fond of the sound of her own voice.
            within (the) sound of sth (BrE) near enough to be able to hear sth: a house within sound of the sea
            + verb (not usually used in the progressive tenses)
            give impression
            1 linking verb to give a particular impression when heard or read about: [V-ADJ] His voice sounded strange on the phone. + She didn't sound surprised when I told her the news. + His explanation sounds reasonable to me. + Leo made it sound so easy. But it wasn't. + He doesn't sound French-and he doesn't look it. + [V-N] She sounds just the person we need for the job. + [V] You sounded just like your father when you said that. + I hope I don't sound as if / as though I'm criticizing you.
            Help Note: In spoken English people often use like instead of as if or as though, especially in AmE, but this is considered incorrect in written BrE.
            2 (in adjectives) giving the impression of having a particular sound: an Italian-sounding name + fine-sounding words
            produce sound
            3 to produce a sound; to make sth such as a musical instrument produce a sound: [V] The bell sounded for the end of the class. + [VN] Passing motorists sounded their horns in support.
            give warning / signal
            4 [VN] to give a signal such as a warning by making a sound: When I saw the smoke, I tried to sound the alarm. + (figurative) Scientists have sounded a note of caution on the technique. + Leaving him out of the team may sound the death knell for our chances of winning (= signal the end of our chances).
            5 [VN] (technical) to pronounce sth: You don't sound the 'b' in the word comb.
            measure depth
            6 [VN, V] (technical) to measure the depth of the sea or a lake by using a line with a weight attached, or an electronic instrument
            Idioms see NOTE n., SUSPICIOUSLY
            Phrasal Verbs: sound off (about sth) (informal, disapproving) to express your opinions loudly or in an aggressive way: He's always sounding off about falling standards in education.
            sound sb<->out (about / on sth)
            sound sth<->out to try to find out from sb what they think about sth, often in an indirect way: I wanted to sound him out about a job. + They decided to sound out her interest in the project.
            + adjective (sounder, soundest)
            1 sensible; that you can rely on and that will probably give good results: a person of sound judgement + to reach a sound conclusion + He gave me some very sound advice. + This gives the design team a sound basis for their work. + The proposal makes sound commercial sense. + Their policies are environmentally sound.
            Antonym: UNSOUND
            2 [only before noun] good and thorough: a sound knowledge / understanding of sth + He has a sound grasp of the issues.
            not damaged / hurt
            3 in good condition; not damaged, hurt, etc: We arrived home safe and sound. + to be of sound mind (= not mentally ill) + The house needs attention but the roof is sound.
            Antonym: UNSOUND
            4 [usually before noun] deep and peaceful: to have a sound night's sleep + to be a sound sleeper
            good, but not excellent
            5 good and accurate, but not excellent: a sound piece of writing + a sound tennis player
            physical punishment
            6 severe: to give sb a sound beating
            soundness noun [U]: soundness of judgement + financial soundness + the soundness of the building's foundations
            See also - SOUNDLY
            Idioms: (as) sound as a bell (informal) in perfect condition: The doctor said I was as sound as a bell.
            + adverb
            ~ asleep very deeply asleep
            Collocation Dictionary

            1 sth you hear


            big, deafening, loud, powerful
            We need a big powerful sound from the trumpets in the final passage.
            | audible | faint, little, soft | high | deep, low | clean, clear, sharp
            He produces a good clean sound on his flute.
            | piercing | muffled | amazing, beautiful, good, lovely, pleasing | awful, horrible, sickening
            There was a sickening sound as his head made contact with the concrete.
            | familiar, strange | distinctive | haunting | booming, buzzing, clanking, etc. | metallic | hollow | distorted | distant
            the distant sound of church bells
            | guitar, piano, etc.
            She tried to describe what made a good guitar sound.
            | speech, vowel

            VERB + SOUND

            hear | emit, make, produce, pronounce, transmit, utter
            What's making that awful creaking sound? Three bones transmit sounds to the inner ear. He didn't utter a single sound throughout the meeting.

            SOUND + VERB

            carry, travel
            Sound carries well over calm water.
            | come
            A strange sound came from the box.
            | echo | die away

            SOUND + NOUN

            wave | effect | bite
            As a politician he is a master of the 30-second sound bite.


            at the ~ of
            He turned around at the sound of footsteps behind him.
            | without a ~
            The door opened without a sound.
            | ~ of
            the sound of breaking glass
            | ~ from
            There was a strange sound from downstairs.


            the speed of sound 2 the sound
            from television/radio, etc.


            recorded | mono, stereo

            VERB + SOUND

            turn down/up
            Can you turn the sound up?

            SOUND + NOUN

            level, quality | system
            a stereo sound system
            | recording | recorder | engineer

            More information about SOUND


            give a ~
            The dog gave a low growl.

            let out a ~
            He let out a blood-curdling scream.

            hear ~
            We heard the peal of church bells.

            with a ~
            The vase fell to the ground with a great crash.

            ~ of
            a roar of laughtera snort of derisionthe whine of an engine


            1 in good condition


            be, feel, look, seem


            extremely, very | fairly, pretty, quite, reasonably
            That seems like fairly sound advice.
            | structurally
            Is the building structurally sound?


            safe and sound
            (= not hurt)We arrived home safe and sound.

            2 sensible


            be, seem


            extremely, very | absolutely, perfectly
            She had a perfectly sound reason for acting as she did.
            | fairly, pretty, reasonably | basically, fundamentally | commercially, ecologically, environmentally, financially, ideologically, theoretically
            It was a financially sound investment.

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