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song /sɔɳ/
  • danh từ
    • tiếng hát; tiếng hót
      • to burst forth into song: cất tiếng hát
      • the song of the birds: tiếng chim hót
    • bài hát, điệu hát
      • love song: bản tình ca
    • thơ ca
    • to buy for a mere song
      • mua rẻ
    • nothing to make a song about
      • (thông tục) rất tầm thường, không có gì quan trọng (vấn đề)
    • not worth an old song
      • không đáng được một xu
    • song and dance
      • hát múa
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) lời nói có tính chất lẩn tránh, câu giải thích đánh trống lảng
Concise Dictionary
songssɔŋ /sɒŋ
+a short musical composition with words
+a distinctive or characteristic sound
+the act of singing
+the characteristic sound produced by a bird
+a very small sum
+the imperial dynasty of China from 960 to 1279; noted for art and literature and philosophy

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 tune, air, melody, ditty, number:
Together, they wrote some of the most popular songs of this century.
2 for a song. cheaply, inexpensively, at a bargain price:
That old book you wanted went for a song at the auction.
3 (old) song and dance. a fuss, to-do, commotion, bother, ado, Colloq flap, performance, Brit kerfuffle:
I cannot see why they made such a song and dance of telling us they couldn't come.
(b) evasion, tale, prevarication, (long) story, (long) explanation:
To excuse his absence he gave me the old song and dance about his grandmother being ill.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 [C] a short piece of music with words that you sing: a folk / love / pop song + We sang a song together. + She taught us the words of a French song.
See also - SWANSONG
2 [U] songs in general; music for singing: The story is told through song and dance. + Suddenly he burst into song (= started to sing). + Their voices were raised in song.
See also - PLAINSONG
3 [U, C] the musical sounds that birds make: the song of the blackbird
Idioms: for a song (informal) very cheaply; at a low price: She bought the painting for a song. + The property is going for a song because they need to sell it fast.
a song and dance (about sth)
1 (BrE, informal, disapproving) if you make a song and dance about sth, you complain or talk about it too much when this is not necessary: She gives generously to charity without making a song and dance about it.
2 [C] (AmE, informal) a long explanation about sth, or excuse for sth
on song (informal) working or performing well: The whole team was on song.
Collocation Dictionary

1 piece of music with words


beautiful, good, great, lovely | catchy | mournful, sad | country, folk, pop/popular, traditional
a Hungarian folk song
| bawdy, children's, drinking, love, patriotic, protest, religious
After a few drinks, they were all singing bawdy songs at the top of their voices. a protest song written in the sixties
| theme, title
the theme song from ‘The Godfather’ the title song from the Beatles' album ‘Help!’


compose, write | do, perform, play, sing
They performed another two songs as encores. Sing us a song, Susanna!
| record


a singer-songwriter
| contest


in (a/the) ~
Important historical events were commemorated in song.
| ~ about
a song about love

2 act of singing


break into, burst into
He strummed a couple of chords on the guitar and they all burst into song.


in ~
He heard voices raised in song.

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