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solemn /'sɔləm/
  • tính từ
    • theo nghi thức, trọng thể, long trọng; trang nghiêm
      • a solemn occasion: một dịp trang nghiêm
    • uy nghi, uy nghiêm
      • solemn cathedral: nhà thờ uy nghiêm
    • nghiêm trang, nghiêm nghị
      • solemn looks: vẻ nghiêm nghị
      • to put on a solemn face: làm ra vẻ nghiêm nghị
    • khoan thai
      • a solemn pace: bước đi khoan thai
Concise Dictionary
'sɑləm /'sɒl-
+dignified and somber in manner or character and committed to keeping promises
+characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 serious, sober, reserved, grave, earnest, sedate, staid, taciturn; morose, morbid, mirthless, unsmiling, gloomy, sombre, grim; glum, long-faced, saturnine:
We observed a moment of solemn silence in memory of our fallen comrades. They knew from their father's solemn expression that something was wrong.
2 ceremonial, ritualistic, liturgical, religious, ecclesiastical, holy, divine, sacred, hallowed, sacramental, reverential, devotional:
We attended a solemn service to celebrate the return of the hostages.
3 ceremonious, ritual, formal, dignified, stately, grand, august, imposing, impressive, awe-inspiring, awesome, important, momentous:
The Trobriand islanders regarded the rights of passage as most solemn.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of a person) not happy or smiling; looking very serious: Her face grew solemn. + a solemn expression
2 done, said, etc. in a very serious and sincere way: a solemn oath / undertaking / vow + a solemn and binding promise
3 (of a religious ceremony or formal occasion) performed in a serious way: a solemn festival / ceremony / ritual
solemnly adverb: He nodded solemnly. + She solemnly promised not to say a word to anyone about it. + The choir walked solemnly past.
Collocation Dictionary


be, look, seem, sound
She usually had a smile on her face, but now she looked solemn.
| become, grow
His face grew solemn.
| remain


He addressed them all in very solemn tones.
| rather
Her mood was rather solemn.

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