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sneer /sniə/
  • danh từ
    • cười khinh bỉ, cười chế nhạo
    • chế nhạo, nói những lời châm chọc
      • to sneer at someone: chế nhạo ai
      • to sneer at riches: coi khinh tiền bạc
    • nhạo báng làm tổn thương (danh dự)
      • to sneer away someone's reputation: nhạo báng làm mất thanh danh ai
Concise Dictionary
sneers|sneered|sneeringsnɪr /snɪə
+a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls
+a contemptuous or scornful remark
+express through a scornful smile
+smile contemptuously

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 smirk, curl one's lip, sniff:
Don't sneer - you might be the next to lose your job.
2 scorn, disdain, despise, contemn, turn up one's nose (at), sniff (at), jeer (at), laugh (at), deride, mock, ridicule; underrate; Colloq sneeze at, Slang knock:
They sneered at her ambition to become a serious athlete.
3 scorn, jeer, disdain, contempt, derision, mockery, ridicule; sneering, jeering:
Barry endured his classmates' sneers without a word.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
~ (at sb/sth) to show that you have no respect for sb by the expression on your face or by the way you speak: [V] He sneered at people who liked pop music. + a sneering comment / smile / laugh + [V speech] 'You? A writer?' she sneered.
sneeringly adverb
+ noun [usually sing.] an unpleasant look, smile or comment that shows you do not respect sb/sth: 'And who are you, then?' he asked with a sneer in his voice. + A faint sneer of satisfaction crossed her face.
Collocation Dictionary


arrogant | faint, slight


He gave an arrogant sneer.
| hide


with a ~ | ~ at
The prime minister resisted a sneer at his opponent's misfortune.


curl/twist your lips into a sneer, a sneer in your voice

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