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smother /'smʌðə/
  • danh từ
    • lửa âm ỉ; sự cháy âm ỉ
    • tình trạng âm ỉ
    • đám bụi mù; đám khói mù
    • sa mù
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) sự mờ tối (vì có khói mù...)
    • ngoại động từ
      • làm ngột ngạt, làm ngạt thở; bóp chết
      • làm (lửa) cháy âm ỉ
      • giấu giếm, che giấu, bưng bít
        • to smother up facts: che giấu sự thật
        • to smother a yawn: che cái ngáp
      • bao bọc, bao phủ, phủ kín
        • road smothered in dust: đường (phủ) đầy bụi
    • nội động từ
      • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) chết ngạt, nghẹt thở
      • to smother somebody with gifts
        • gửi đồ biếu tới tấp cho ai
      • to smother somebody with kindness
        • đối đãi với ai hết lòng tử tế
    Concise Dictionary
    +a confused multitude of things
    +a stifling cloud of smoke
    +envelop completely
    +deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing
    +conceal or hide
    +form an impenetrable cover over
    +deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 suffocate, stifle, choke, asphyxiate; throttle, strangle, snuff (out), kill:
    He was accused of trying to smother his wife with a pillow.
    2 be suffocated or stifled or asphyxiated, be choked or strangled, be killed:
    The infant apparently smothered in the blanket.
    3 overwhelm, overcome, blanket, inundate, cover, shower; envelop, wrap, enshroud, surround:
    The children crowded round and smothered her with kisses. The banquet table was smothered in white roses
    4 repress, subdue, suppress, conceal, hide, keep or hold back, cover up, mask, choke back or down, check; stifle, muffle, blanket, blank out:
    He managed to smother his grief and put on a brave face. Our whispers were smothered by the noise of the hi-fi
    5 extinguish, put out, snuff out:
    The foam from the fire extinguisher smothered the blaze in a few moments.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    + verb [VN]
    1 ~ sb (with sth) to kill sb by covering their face so that they cannot breathe: He smothered the baby with a pillow. + to be smothered to death
    2 ~ sth/sb with / in sth to cover sth/sb thickly or with too much of sth: a rich dessert smothered in cream + She smothered him with kisses.
    3 to prevent sth from developing or being expressed
    Synonym: STIFLE
    to smother a yawn / giggle / grin + The voices of the opposition were effectively smothered.
    4 to give sb too much love or protection so that they feel restricted: Her husband was very loving, but she felt smothered.
    5 to make a fire stop burning by covering it with sth: He tried to smother the flames with a blanket.

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