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sling /sliɳ/
  • danh từ
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) rượu mạnh pha đường và nước nóng
    • ná bắn đá
    • súng cao su
    • dây đeo; dây quàng; băng đeo (cánh tay đau)
      • rifle sling: dây đeo súng
      • sling of a knapsack: dây đeo ba lô
  • ngoại động từ slung
    • bắn, quăng, ném
    • đeo, treo, móc
    • quàng dây (vào vật gì để kéo lên)
    • to sling ink
      • (từ lóng) viết báo, viết văn
    • to sling one's hook
      • (xem) hook
Concise Dictionary
+a highball with liquor and water with sugar and lemon or lime juice
+a plaything consisting of a Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms; used to propel small stones
+a shoe that has a strap that wraps around the heel
+a simple weapon consisting of a looped strap in which a projectile is whirled and then released
+bandage to support an injured forearm; consisting of a wide triangular piece of cloth hanging from around the neck
+hurl as if with a sling
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 toss, throw, cast, propel, hurl, shy, fling, fire, shoot, pitch, let fly, launch, heave, lob, Colloq chuck:
He slung his briefcase onto the desk and flopped into a chair.
2 slingshot, catapult, trebuchet or trebucket:
It is said that David slew Goliath with a stone from his sling.
3 support, strap, band; belt:
The doctor ordered him to keep his sprained arm in a sling for a few days. The military rifles are supplied with leather slings.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (slung, slung [prep.]
1 (informal, especially BrE) to throw sth somewhere in a careless way: [VN] Don't just sling your clothes on the floor. + She slung her coat into the back of the car. + [VNN] Sling me an apple, will you?
2 [VN] [often passive] to put sth somewhere where it hangs loosely: Her bag was slung over her shoulder. + We slung a hammock between two trees.
3 [VN] [often passive] (informal) to put sb somewhere by force; to make sb leave somewhere: They were slung out of the club for fighting. + They were slung into prison.
Idioms: sling your hook (BrE, informal) (used especially in orders) to go away
+ noun
1 a band of fabric that is tied around a person's neck and used to support a broken or injured arm: He had his arm in a sling.
2 a device consisting of a band, ropes, etc. for holding and lifting heavy objects: The engine was lifted in a sling of steel rope.
3 a device like a bag for carrying a baby on your back or in front of you
4 (in the past) a simple weapon made from a band of leather, etc., used for throwing stones
Collocation Dictionary


loosely | carelessly, casually
His jacket was carelessly slung over one shoulder.


across, around/round, from, in, on, over, etc.

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