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slight /slait/
  • tính từ
    • mỏng mảnh, thon, gầy, mảnh khảnh, yết ớt
      • a slight framework: một cái khung yếu ớt
    • nhẹ, qua loa, sơ sài; không đang kể, mong manh
      • to have a slight cold: bị cảm nhẹ
      • to make a slight inquiry into something: điều tra sơ qua một việc gì
      • there is not the slightest excuse for it: không có đến một lý do rất mong manh để bào chữa việc đó
      • a conclusion based on very slight observation: một kết luận dựa trên một sự nhận xét rất qua loa
      • to take offence at the slightest thing: mếch lòng về chuyện không đáng kể, hơi một tí thì mếch lòng
  • danh từ
    • sự coi thường, sự coi nhẹ, sự xem khinh
      • to put a slight upon a branch of study: coi nhẹ một ngành học
  • ngoại động từ
    • coi thường, coi nhẹ, xem khinh
      • to slight one's work: coi nhẹ công việc
Concise Dictionary
+a deliberate discourteous act (usually as an expression of anger or disapproval)
+pay no attention to, disrespect
+having little substance or significance
+almost no or (with `a') at least some; very little
+being of delicate or slender build

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 small, little, minor, negligible, unlikely, insignificant, inconsequential:
There is always a slight chance that you might be wrong, you know.
2 trifling, tiny, slender, minute, infinitesimal; trace, perceptible:
He didn't attach the slightest importance to the rumours that were going round. You'd best wash it again, as there is still a slight odour of garlic.
3 small, short, petite, thin, slim, slender, delicate, diminutive, tiny, miniature, bantam, wee, pocket, pocket-sized, US vest-pocket, Colloq pint-sized:
Charlotte's slight build seems totally unaffected by the amount she eats
4 insubstantial or unsubstantial, weak, feeble, delicate, dainty, frail, unstable, fragile, flimsy, lightly made or built, precarious, inadequate, rickety, insecure:
This table is too slight to support the computer and the printer. His arguments were far too slight to carry conviction.
5 disregard, ignore, disdain, scorn, snub, rebuff, cut, disrespect, cold-shoulder:
He thought she had slighted him deliberately at the dance.
6 insult, offend, affront, mortify, diminish, minimize, depreciate, disparage:
Siobhan felt slighted by Harry's inattention.
7 insult, affront, slur, indignity, outrage, offence, disrespect:
It is hard to understand why she tolerates his persistent slights.
8 inattention, neglect, disregard, indifference, snub, cold shoulder, coldness, ill-treatment:
Perhaps she misinterprets his obsessive occupation in his work as a slight to her.
Advanced English Dictionary
adjective, noun, verb
+ adjective (slighter, slightest)
1 very small in degree: a slight increase / change / delay / difference + I woke up with a slight headache. + The damage was slight. + She takes offence at the slightest thing (= is very easily offended). + There was not the slightest hint of trouble. + He is, without the slightest doubt, the greatest living novelist. + He never had the slightest intention of agreeing to it. + The picture was at a slight angle. + A slight breeze was blowing.
2 small and thin in size: a slight figure / man + He was of slight build. + She was smaller and slighter than I had imagined.
3 (formal) not deserving serious attention: This is a very slight novel.
Idioms: not in the slightest not at all: He didn't seem to mind in the slightest. + I'm not in the slightest bit interested.
+ noun
~ (on sb/sth) an act or a remark that criticizes sth or offends sb: Nick took her comment as a slight on his abilities as a manager.
+ verb [VN] [usually passive] to treat sb rudely or without respect; to insult sb: She felt slighted because she hadn't been invited.
slighting adjective [only before noun]: slighting remarks / references
Collocation Dictionary

1 very small in degree


appear, be, seem


extremely, very | comparatively, fairly, quite, rather, relatively

2 thin and delicate


be, look
She looked very slight, almost fragile.


very | physically

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