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sleep /sli:p/
  • danh từ
    • giấc ngủ; sự ngủ
      • in one's sleep: trong khi ngủ
      • the sleep of just: giấc ngủ ngon
      • sleep that knows no breaking: giấc ngàn thu
      • broken sleep: giấc ngủ trằn trọc
      • to go to sleep: đi ngủ
      • to fall on sleep: (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) đi ngủ; (nghĩa bóng) chết
    • sự nghỉ ngơi, sự tĩnh dưỡng
    • sự chết
    • nội động từ slept
      • ngủ
        • to sleep like a log (top): ngủ say
      • ngủ giấc ngàn thu
      • ngủ trọ, ngủ đỗ
        • to sleep at a boarding-house: ngủ ở nhà trọ
      • (+ with) ngủ, ăn nằm (với ai)
        • to sleep around: ăn nằm lang chạ
      • nằm yên
        • sword sleeps in scabbard: gươm nằm yên trong bao
    • ngoại động từ
      • ngủ (một giấc ngủ)
        • to sleep the sleep of the just: ngủ một giấc ngủ ngon
      • có đủ chỗ ngủ cho
        • this lodging sleeps 50 men: chỗ trọ này có đủ chỗ ngủ cho 50 người
      • to sleep away
        • ngủ cho qua (ngày giờ)
      • to sleep hours away: ngủ cho qua giờ
      • to sleep in nh to live in
        • (Ê-cốt) ngủ muộn, ngủ quên, ngủ quá giờ
      • to be slep in: dùng để ngủ; có người ngủ
      • the bed had not been slept in for months: giường không có người ngủ đã hàng tháng rồi
      • to sleep off
        • ngủ đã sức
      • ngủ cho hết (tác dụng của cái gì)
        • to sleep off one's headache: ngủ cho hết nhức đầu
        • to sleep it off: ngủ cho giã rượu
      • to sleep on; to sleep upon; to sleep over
        • gác đến ngày mai
      • to sleep on a question: gác một vấn đề đến ngày mai
      • let sleeping dogs lie
        • (xem) dog
      • the top sleeps
        • con cù quay tít
    Concise Dictionary
    +a natural and periodic state of rest during which consciousness of the world is suspended
    +a torpid state resembling deep sleep
    +a period of time spent sleeping
    +euphemisms for death (based on an analogy between lying in a bed and in a tomb)
    +be asleep
    +be able to accommodate for sleeping

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 doze, (take a) nap, catnap, rest, repose, slumber, drowse, drop or nod off, be in the land of Nod, be in the arms of Morpheus, snore, Colloq snooze, saw wood, catch or log a few zees (Z's), take or have a zizz, catch forty winks:
    I was so tired, I slept for a full ten hours.
    2 nap, doze, slumber, rest, siesta, Colloq forty winks, snooze, zizz, beauty sleep:
    As she grew older, she found she needed less sleep.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    verb, noun
    + verb (slept, slept )
    1 [V] [often +adv./prep.] to rest with your eyes closed and your mind and body not active: to sleep well / deeply / soundly / badly + I couldn't sleep because of the noise. + I had to sleep on the sofa. + He slept solidly for ten hours. + I slept at my sister's house last night (= stayed the night there). + We both slept right through (= were not woken up by) the storm. + She only sleeps for four hours a night. + We sometimes sleep late at the weekends (= until late in the morning). + I put the sleeping baby down gently. + What are our sleeping arrangements here (= where shall we sleep)?
    Help Note: It is more common to say that somebody is asleep than to say that somebody is sleeping. Sleep can only be used in the passive with a preposition such as in or on: It was clear her bed hadn't been slept in.
    2 [VN] [no passive] to have enough beds for a particular number of people: The apartment sleeps six. + The hotel sleeps 120 guests.
    Idioms: let sleeping dogs lie (saying) to avoid mentioning a subject or sth that happened in the past, in order to avoid any problems or arguments
    sleep like a log / baby (informal) to sleep very well
    sleep tight (informal, spoken) used especially to children before they go to bed to say that you hope they sleep well: Good night, sleep tight!
    more at ROUGH adv., WINK n.
    Phrasal Verbs: sleep around (informal, disapproving) to have sex with a lot of different people
    sleep in to sleep until after the time you usually get up in the morning
    sleep sth<->off to get better after sth, especially drinking too much alcohol, by sleeping: Let's leave him to sleep it off.
    sleep on sth (informal) to delay making a decision about sth until the next day, so that you have time to think about it: Could I sleep on it and let you know tomorrow?
    sleep over to stay the night at sb else's home: It's very late now-why don't you sleep over? + Can I sleep over at my friend's house?
    related noun SLEEPOVER
    sleep together
    sleep with sb (informal) to have sex with sb, especially sb you are not married to: I know he's going out with her, but I don't think they're sleeping together. + Everyone knows she sleeps with the boss.
    + noun
    1 [U] the natural state of rest in which your eyes are closed, your body is not active, and your mind is not conscious: I need to get some sleep. + I didn't get much sleep last night. + Can you give me something to help me get to sleep (= start sleeping)? + Go to sleep-it's late. + He cried out in his sleep. + Anxiety can be caused by lack of sleep. + His talk nearly sent me to sleep (= it was boring). + Try to go back to sleep.
    2 [sing.] a period of sleep: Did you have a good sleep? + Ros fell into a deep sleep. + I'll feel better after a good night's sleep (= a night when I sleep well).
    3 [U] (informal) the substance that sometimes forms in the corners of your eyes after you have been sleeping: Ned rubbed the sleep from his eyes.
    Idioms: be able to do sth in your sleep (informal) to be able to do sth very easily because you have done it many times before: I haven't done many portraits, but I could paint landscapes in my sleep.
    go to sleep (informal) if part of your body goes to sleep, you lose the sense of feeling in it, usually because it has been in the same position for too long: My foot's gone to sleep.
    not lose sleep / lose no sleep over sth to not worry much about sth: It's not worth losing sleep over.
    put sb to sleep (informal) to make sb unconscious before an operation by using drugs, (called an ANAESTHETIC)
    put sth to sleep to kill a sick or injured animal by giving it drugs so that it dies without pain. People say 'put to sleep' to avoid saying 'kill'.
    more at WINK n.
    Collocation Dictionary

    1 condition of rest


    deep | light | REM


    drift into/off to, drop off to, get to, go (back) to | cry/sob yourself to | get, sleep, snatch
    Close your eyes and get some sleep now. Tom was in the front room sleeping the sleep of the dead. I snatched a few hours' sleep in the afternoon.
    | need | survive on
    They seem to survive on only a few hours' sleep a night.
    | induce, lull/send sb to
    using drugs to induce sleep The quiet music soon sent her to sleep.
    | drift in and out of
    He drifted in and out of sleep all night.
    | lose
    Don't lose sleep over it?we'll sort everything out in the morning.
    | disrupt | catch up on
    I used Saturday to catch up on my sleep.
    | feign
    I feigned sleep when the ticket inspector came round.


    Sleep came to her in snatches.
    | overcome sb, overtake sb
    Sleep finally overtook me.


    pattern | deprivation, loss | apnoea


    during ~
    your heart rate during sleep
    | in your ~
    He often walks and talks in his sleep.


    a lack of sleep
    suffering from a lack of sleep
    | a wink of sleep
    I won't get a wink of sleep with that noise downstairs.

    2 period of sleep


    long | little, short | dead, deep, heavy, sound | good, restful | light | disturbed, exhausted, fitful, restless, uneasy
    I woke up early after a disturbed sleep.
    | dreamless, peaceful | drunken | beauty
    Sorry but I need my beauty sleep.


    need | have
    Did you have a good sleep?
    | be in
    I was in a deep sleep when the phone rang.
    | drift into, fall into, sink into
    I immediately fell into a dead sleep.
    | awake/awaken/wake (sb) from
    He woke from a fitful sleep with a headache.


    a (good/poor) night's sleep
    You'll feel better after a good night's sleep.



    properly, soundly, well
    I haven't slept properly for weeks. The children were all sleeping soundly. Did you sleep well last night?
    | peacefully, quietly | easier, easily, quiet
    When the murderer is caught we can all sleep easier in our beds at night.
    | badly, fitfully, uneasily | deeply, heavily
    He was exhausted and slept deeply.
    | lightly
    She always slept very lightly so I had to be careful not to wake her.
    | barely, hardly, scarcely
    She felt as if she had hardly slept.
    | a little | alone | together


    be unable to, can't/couldn't
    I couldn't sleep so I got up and went downstairs.
    | try to
    You must be very tired. Try to sleep a little.
    | let sb | put sb/sth to
    You should always put babies to sleep on their backs. We had to have our dog put to sleep (= humanely killed because it was so ill).


    I only slept for four hours that night.
    | through
    She slept right through the storm.
    | with
    Everyone knows she sleeps with the boss.


    not sleep a wink
    (= not sleep at all)I didn't sleep a wink last night.
    | sleep late
    Let them sleep late on Saturday morning if they want to.
    | sleep like a baby/log
    (= sleep very well),
    sleep rough
    the problem of young people who sleep rough in the streets

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