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  • tính từ
    • thiên kiến; có thái độ có thành kiến, cách nhìn có thành kiến, quan điểm có thành kiến
Concise Dictionary
slants|slanted|slantingslænt /slɑːnt
+a biased way of looking at or presenting something
+degree of deviation from a horizontal plane
+lie obliquely
+present with a bias
+to incline or bend from a vertical position
+heel over

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 angle, viewpoint, (point of) view, standpoint, approach, twist, idea, aspect, attitude:
The article reflects a new slant on why governments are sometimes out of touch with the electorate
2 bias, prejudice, partiality, one-sidedness, turn, bent:
Carla's reporting has a feminist slant which occasionally distorts the facts
3 slope, incline, tilt, ramp, gradient, pitch, lean, leaning, deflection, angle, rake, cant, camber:
A window sill normally has an outward slant. The road has a slant downwards to the right on right-hand curves.
4 tilt, angle, incline, pitch, cant, slope, bend, lean, list, tip, bevel, shelve:
The land slants downwards near the lake. Notice how his writing slants upwards at the ends of the lines. Cut the edges to slant outwards
5 bend, distort, deviate, twist, warp, colour, weight, bias:
The editor slanted the story to put the minister in a favourable light.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 sloping in one direction: She had slanted brown eyes.
2 ~ (towards sb/sth) tending to be in favour of one person or thing in a way that may be unfair to others: a biased and slanted view of events

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