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situated /'sitjueitid/
  • tính từ
      • situated on the top of the hill: ở trên đỉnh đồi
    • ở vào một tình thế, ở vào một hoàn cảnh
      • awkwardly situated: ở vào một tình thế khó xử
Concise Dictionary
+situated in a particular spot or position
Thesaurus Dictionary
place in a position or situation or location, place, position, locate, set, spot, put, install or instal:
Harwood is very well situated to learn what the high command is planning. The greenhouse should be situated on the south side of the house.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective [not before noun]
1 in a particular place or position: My bedroom was situated on the top floor of the house. + The hotel is beautifully situated in a quiet spot near the river. + All the best theatres and restaurants are situated within a few minutes' walk of each other.
2 (formal) (of a person, an organization, etc.) in a particular situation or in particular circumstances: Small businesses are well situated to benefit from the single market.
Collocation Dictionary




beautifully, delightfully, ideally, picturesquely, pleasantly, superbly, well
The hotel is delightfully situated close to the waterfront. Zakro was well situated for trade with Greece.
| conveniently | inconveniently | centrally | remotely | quietly


ideally situated for touring the country

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