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sitting /'sitiɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự ngồi; sự đặt ngồi
    • buổi họp
    • lần, lúc, lượt (ngồi)
      • room where 200 people can be served at a sitting: phòng có thể phục vụ được 200 người một lần
    • sự ngồi làm mẫu vẽ; buổi ngồi làm mẫu vẽ
    • ghế dành riêng (trong nhà thờ)
    • ổ trứng, lứa trứng
Concise Dictionary
+(photography) the act of assuming a certain position (as for a photograph or portrait)
+the act of assuming or maintaining a seated position
+a meeting of spiritualists
+a session as of a legislature or court
+(of persons) having the torso erect and legs bent with the body supported on the buttocks
+not moving and therefore easy to attack

+be seated
+sit around, often unused
+take a seat
+be in session
+assume a posture as for artistic purposes
+sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions
+work or act as a baby-sitter
+show to a seat; assign a seat for

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 be seated, settle, sit down, take a seat, rest, Colloq take the weight or a load off one's feet:
Come in and sit with me for a while. If you sit on that chair it will break
2 hold a session, be in session, assemble, meet, convene; gather, get together:
The Supreme Court of the United States will be sitting next week.
3 Often, sit on. have or hold or occupy a seat (on), participate (in), be a member (of):
Kathy sits on the board of directors.
4 remain, stay, lie, rest; relax, mark time, abide, dwell:
Let the dough sit a while to rise. Anita sat in Vienna awaiting her instructions
5 seat, contain, hold, accommodate, have seats or seating for, have room or space or capacity for seating:
The auditorium sits only 600.
6 sit in.
(a) Often, sit in on. play, join (in), participate (in), take part (in); observe, watch:
Mind if I sit in on your poker game? We invited Mary Lou to sit in during our discussion.
(b) substitute, fill in, stand in, double, Colloq cover, sub, US pinch-hit:
Mary Lou often sat in for our pianist if he had another gig.
7 sit out.
wait out, outwait, outstay, outlast, outlive, last through, live through:
Will sat out endless dances. He sat out the whole evening merely waiting to walk home with Lily
8 sit tight.
wait, hang back, hold back, be patient, bide (one's) time, play a waiting game, take no action, delay, temporize, Colloq hold (one's) horses:
Just sit tight till you hear from them - don't jump the gun.
9 sit up.
awaken, pay attention, notice, become alert or interested or concerned:
Jennie's performance in the hurdles made many track coaches sit up.
10 sit (with).
Often, sit well or right (with). agree with, be agreeable to; seem, appear, look:
The way Ashton handled the matter did not sit well with the directors.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun
1 a period of time during which a court of law or a parliament deals with its business: late-night sittings in the House of Commons
2 a time when a meal is served in a hotel, etc. to a number of people at the same time: A hundred people can be served at one sitting (= at the same time).
3 a period of time that a person spends sitting and doing an activity: I read the book in one sitting.
4 a period of time when sb sits or stands to have their picture painted or be photographed: It took three sittings to complete the portrait.

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