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singular /'siɳgjulə/
  • tính từ
    • (ngôn ngữ học) ở số ít
    • một mình, cá nhân
      • all and singular: tất cả
    • đặc biệt, kỳ dị, phi thường
      • singular courage: sự can đảm phi thường
    • lập di
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) duy nhất, độc nhất
    • danh từ (ngôn ngữ học)
      • số ít
      • từ ở số ít
    Concise Dictionary
    'sɪŋgjələ(r) /-jʊl-
    +the form of a word that is used to denote a singleton
    +unusual or striking
    +beyond or deviating from the usual or expected
    +being a single and separate person or thing
    +composed of one member, set, or kind
    +grammatical number category referring to a single item or unit
    +the single one of its kind

    Thesaurus Dictionary
    1 unusual, different, atypical, eccentric, extraordinary, remarkable, special, uncommon, strange, odd, peculiar, bizarre, outlandish, curious, queer, outré, offbeat, Slang far-out:
    Ideas that yesterday were considered singular have today become quite commonplace
    2 outstanding, prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, noteworthy, significant, important, conspicuous, particular, notable, signal, exceptional, superior:
    Stempel made a singular contribution to the development of microscopy.
    3 lone, isolated, single, separate, uncommon, rare, unique, distinct, one of a kind:
    Some medieval philosophers denied the existence of general realities, and claimed that all things that exist were particular and singular.
    Advanced English Dictionary
    noun, adjective
    + noun (grammar) a form of a noun or verb that refers to one person or thing: The singular of 'bacteria' is 'bacterium'. + The verb should be in the singular.
    Compare: PLURAL
    + adjective
    1 (grammar) connected with or having the singular form: a singular noun / verb / ending
    2 (formal) very great or obvious: landscape of singular beauty + He shows a singular lack of concern for other people's feelings.
    3 (literary) unusual; strange: a singular style of dress / writing

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