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sincere /sin'siə/
  • tính từ
    • thành thật, thật thà, ngay thật, chân thành, thành khẩn
Concise Dictionary
sincerer|sincerestsɪn'sɪr /-'sɪə
+open and genuine; not deceitful
+characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions

Thesaurus Dictionary
honest, truthful, true, veracious, genuine, heartfelt, true-hearted, undissembling, unfeigned, open, (open and) above-board, straightforward, direct, frank, candid, guileless, artless, Colloq upfront, on the level, on the up and up:
I took her criticism as a sincere desire to see improvement in my work. You have always been sincere in your emotional involvements.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective (superlative sincerest, no comparative)
1 (of feelings, beliefs or behaviour) showing what you really think or feel
Synonym: GENUINE
a sincere attempt to resolve the problem + sincere concern / gratitude / regret + Please accept our sincere thanks. + a sincere apology
2 ~ (in sth) (of a person) saying only what you really think or feel
Synonym: HONEST
He seemed sincere enough when he said he wanted to help. + She is never completely sincere in what she says about people.
sincerity noun [U]: The sincerity of his beliefs is unquestionable. + She spoke with total sincerity. + I can say in all sincerity that I knew nothing of these plans.
Collocation Dictionary


be, look, seem, sound


deeply, really, very
the warm, deeply sincere note in her voice
| completely, entirely, perfectly, quite, utterly, wholly | enough
Her protests seemed sincere enough.


his refusal to be sincere about his feelings
| in
Have they been sincere in their efforts to resolve the crisis?

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