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since /sins/
  • phó từ
    • từ lâu; từ đó
      • I have not seen him since: từ lâu tôi không gặp anh ta
      • I have been his friend ever since: suốt từ ngày đó tôi vẫn là bạn của anh ta
    • trước đây
      • I saw him not long since: tôi mới gặp anh ta mấy hôm trước đây thôi
      • this happened many years since: việc này xảy ra trước đây nhiều năm
  • giới từ
    • từ, từ khi
      • he has been working here since 1967: anh ấy công tác ở đây từ năm 1967
  • liên từ
    • từ khi, từ lúc
      • we have not seen him since he married: từ khi nó đi ở riêng, chúng tôi không gặp nó
    • vì, vì lẽ rằng, bởi chưng
      • since there is no more to be said, the meeting ends: vì không còn gì nói nữa, cuộc họp bế mạc
      • a more serious, since deliberate, offence: một tội càng nghiêm trọng vì cố ý
Concise Dictionary
adv. from a particular time until now; before
prep. from a particular time until now
conj. from a particular time until now; because, inasmuch
Advanced English Dictionary
preposition, conjunction, adverb
+ preposition
1 (used with the present, perfect or past perfect tense) from a time in the past until a later past time, or until now: She's been off work since Tuesday. + We've lived here since 1994. + I haven't eaten since breakfast. + He's been working in a bank since leaving school. + Since the party she had only spoken to him once. + 'They've split up.' 'Since when?' + That was years ago. I've changed jobs since then.
Help Note: Use for, not since, with a period of time: I've been learning English for five years. + I've been learning English since five years.
2 ~ when? used when you are showing that you are angry about sth: Since when did he ever listen to me?
+ conjunction
1 (used with the present perfect, past perfect or simple present tense in the main clause) from an event in the past until a later past event, or until now: Cath hasn't phoned since she went to Berlin. + It was the first time I'd had visitors since I'd moved to London. + It's twenty years since I've seen her. + How long is it since we last went to the theatre? + She had been worrying ever since the letter arrived.
2 because; as: We thought that, since we were in the area, we'd stop by and see them.
+ adverb (used with the present, perfect or past perfect tense)
1 from a time in the past until a later past time, or until now: He left home two weeks ago and we haven't heard from him since. + The original building has long since (= long before now) been demolished.
2 at a time after a particular time in the past: We were divorced two years ago and she has since remarried.

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