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simplicity /sim'plisiti/
  • danh từ
    • tính đơn giản
    • tính mộc mạc, tính xuềnh xoàng; tính hồn nhiên
    • tính dễ hiểu, tính dễ làm
    • tính ngu dại, tính ngốc nghếch, tính ngu xuẩn
Concise Dictionary
+the quality of being simple or uncompounded
+a lack of penetration or subtlety
+absence of affectation or pretense
+freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort
+lack of ornamentation

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 uncomplicatedness; understandability, comprehensibility, lucidity, straightforwardness, clarity, intelligibility, decipherability:
Consider the simplicity of some life forms in contrast to the complexity of others. The simplicity of the Bible can be deceptive
2 plainness, cleanness, clarity, severity, starkness, austereness, asceticism, restraint, bareness, purity:
She prefers the simplicity of classical or very modern design to baroque and rococo clutter
3 sincerity, openness, artlessness, candour, guilelessness, frankness, unsophisticatedness, ingenuousness, straightforwardness, forthrightness, unaffectedness, unpretentiousness, modesty, naïvety; plainness, directness, inelegance, rusticity, pastoralism:
Many have been charmed by the simplicity of the local folk art.
4 stupidity, slow-wittedness, thickheadedness, simple-mindedness, feeble-mindedness, oafishness, cloddishness, obtuseness, dullness, dull-wittedness, witlessness, halfwittedness, imbecility, brainlessness:
The simplicity of some of those yokels is incredible.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun (plural simplicities)
1 [U] the quality of being easy to understand or use: the relative simplicity of the new PC + For the sake of simplicity, let's divide the discussion into two parts.
2 [U] (approving) the quality of being natural and plain: the simplicity of the architecture + the simplicity of country living
3 [C, usually pl.] an aspect of sth that is easy, natural or plain: the simplicities of our old way of life
Idioms: be simplicity itself to be very easy or plain: Programming the video is simplicity itself.
Collocation Dictionary


extreme, great | relative | apparent
Don't be fooled by the music's apparent simplicity.




for ~
For simplicity, I shall continue to use the general word ‘river’.


be simplicity itself
(= to be very simple)His solution to the problem was simplicity itself.
| for the sake of simplicity

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