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simmer /'simə/
  • danh từ
    • trạng thái sắp sôi, trạng thái sủi
    • (nghĩa bóng) trạng thái bị kiềm chế, trạng thái bị nén lại (cơn giận, cơn cười...)
      • at a simmer; on the simmer: bị kìm lại, bị nén lại
  • động từ
    • sắp sôi, sủi
    • làm cho sủi; ninh nhỏ lửa
    • (nghĩa bóng) đang cố nén (giận), đang cố nín (cười)
Concise Dictionary
+temperature just below the boiling point
+boil slowly at low temperature
Thesaurus Dictionary
1 seethe, stew, cook, boil, bubble:
A huge cauldron of soup simmered on the fire.
2 chafe, seethe, stew, steam, smoulder, fume, rage, burn, Colloq US do a slow burn:
Father is still simmering because you scratched his car.
3 simmer down. calm or cool down, cool off, calm oneself, become quiet, control oneself, get control of or over oneself, Chiefly Brit quieten down, Slang cool it:
Yesterday he was in a towering rage, but he has simmered down a bit today.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb
1 to cook sth by keeping it almost at boiling point; to be cooked in this way: [VN] Simmer the sauce gently for 10 minutes. + [V] Leave the soup to simmer.
2 [V] ~ (with sth) to be filled with a strong feeling, especially anger, which you have difficulty controlling: She was still simmering with resentment. + Anger simmered inside him.
3 [V] (of an argument, a dispute, etc.) to develop for a period of time without any real anger or violence being shown: This argument has been simmering for months. + The simmering dispute finally erupted.
Phrasal Verbs: simmer down (informal) to become calm after a period of anger or excitement: I left him alone until he simmered down. + Things have simmered down since the riots last week.
+ noun [sing.] the state when sth is almost boiling: Bring the sauce to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes.
Collocation Dictionary


gently, slowly
Allow the soup to simmer gently for ten minutes.
| quietly
(figurative) She was still quietly simmering from her row with Nathan.


allow sth to


a mixture of vegetables simmered in yogurt

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