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signify /'signifai/
  • động từ
    • biểu thị, biểu hiện; báo hiệu
    • nghĩa là, có nghĩa
    • tuyên bố, báo cho biết
      • he signified his willingness to cooperate: anh ấy tuyên bố đồng ý hợp tác
    • có tầm quan trọng hệ trọng ((thường) phủ định)
      • it does not signify: chuyện ấy không quan trọng
Concise Dictionary
+denote or connote
+convey or express a meaning
+make known with a word or signal

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 sign, signal, indicate, communicate, make known, convey, symbolize, betoken, represent, express, announce, declare, denote, say, mean, specify; connote, intimate, suggest, reveal, disclose, impart:
She signified her agreement by a nod. What does the phrase 'pursuit of happiness' signify to you?
2 matter, count, be significant or important or consequential, be of significance or of importance or of consequence, carry weight, impress, stand out, deserve or merit consideration:
It signifies little that they were found innocent of a crime we all believe they committed.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ verb (signifies, signifying, signified, signified) (formal)
1 to be a sign of sth; to mean sth: [VN] The church bell used to be rung to signify disaster. + This decision signified a radical change in their policies. + [V that] This mark signifies that the products conform to an approved standard. + The white belt signifies that he's an absolute beginner. + What does the term 'patrician' signify?
2 to do sth to make your feelings, intentions, etc. known: [VN] She signified her approval with a smile. + The jury signify their verdict by a show of hands. + In 1990 Poland signified its desire to join the Council. + [V that] He nodded to signify that he agreed.
3 [V] (usually used in questions or negative sentences) to be important or to matter: His presence no longer signified.

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