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shut /ʃʌt/
  • động từ
    • đóng, khép, đậy, nút, nhắm, gập, ngậm
      • to shut a door: đóng cửa
      • to shut a book: gập sách
      • to shut one's mouth: ngậm miệng lại, câm miệng
      • to shut one's eyes: nhắm mắt
    • kẹp, chẹt
    • to shut down
      • kéo (cửa) xuống; đóng cửa (nhà máy)
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thông tục) chấm dứt, hết sức hạn chế
    • to shut in
      • giam, nhốt
    • bao, bao bọc, che
    • to shut off
      • khoá (máy nước); tắt, ngắt, cắt (điện)
    • ngăn cách ra; tách ra khỏi
    • to shut out
      • không cho vào
    • to shut somebody out: không cho ai vào
    • loại trừ (khả năng)
    • to shut to
      • đóng chặt
    • to shut up
      • đóng chặt, khoá chặt
    • giam, nhốt
    • cất, giấu (của)
    • huộc 7 phĩu chĩu pĩu không tiếp ai
    • to shut the door upon something
      • không xét đến việc gì; làm cho không thực hiện được việc gì
    • to shut one's ears (one's eyes) to something
      • bịt tai (nhắm mắt) làm ngơ cái gì
    • to shut up shop
      • (xem) shop
    • shut up!
      • câm mồm!
Concise Dictionary
+move so that an opening or passage is obstructed; make shut
+become closed
+prevent from entering; shut out
+not open
+used especially of mouth or eyes

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 close, fasten, secure, shut up; lock, bolt, seal:
Come in and shut the door.
2 shut down. close down, discontinue, cease, suspend, halt, leave off, shut up; switch or turn or shut off, stop:
We shut down operations at the Enfield factory last week. Make sure you shut down the machinery before leaving
3 shut in.
(a) confine, seclude, keep in, pen, fence in, secure:
We shut the dog in before we went out.
(b) See 6, (a), below.
4 shut off.
(a) switch or turn off, shut down, Colloq kill, douse, cut (off):
They shut off the lights while I was shaving.
(b) separate, isolate, seclude, segregate, sequester, bar, shut out, cut off, send to Coventry:
The more violent cases are shut off in another wing.
(c) close (off), shut (down):
To save on heating, we shut off part of the house in the winter.
5 shut out.
(a) exclude, eliminate, bar, debar, lock out, ban, keep out or away, disallow, prohibit:
Aliens without work permits are shut out from employment. We shut out all hooligans and rowdies.
(b) keep out, screen, exclude, block out, cut out:
This window shade shuts out the direct sunlight.
(c) screen, mask, hide, conceal, veil, cover:
The house is shut out from view by the hedge.
6 shut up.
(a)confine, shut in, coop (up), cage (in), bottle up, box in; imprison, jail, incarcerate, intern, immure:
People suspected of being subversives were shut up during the war.
(b) silence, keep quiet, stifle, mute, gag, shush, Chiefly Brit quieten:
As soon as Colin wants to say something, Sidonie shuts him up.
(c) See 1, above.
(d) See 2, above.
7 closed (up), sealed (up), locked (up), bolted, fastened:
There is not much hope of penetrating their shut minds on this issue.
Advanced English Dictionary
verb, adjective
+ verb (shutting, shut, shut)
1 to make sth close; to become closed: [VN] Philip went into his room and shut the door behind him. + I can't shut my suitcase-it's too full. + She shut her eyes and fell asleep immediately. + He shut his book and looked up. + [V] The window won't shut + The doors open and shut automatically.
2 (BrE) when a shop/store, restaurant, etc. shuts or when sb shuts it, it stops being open for business and you cannot go into it: [V] The bank shuts at 4. + We left the hotel only to discover that the whole city shuts at 10.30. [also VN] - CLOSE
Idioms: shut your mouth / face! (slang) a rude way of telling sb to be quiet or stop talking
shut up shop (BrE, informal) to close a business permanently or to stop working for the day
more at DOOR, EAR, EYE n., MOUTH n.
Phrasal Verbs: shut sb/sth<->away to put sb/sth in a place where other people cannot see or find them
shut yourself away to go somewhere where you will be completely alone: Mary always shuts herself away in her room while she's working.
shut down (of a factory, shop / store, etc. or a machine) to stop opening for business; to stop working: The theatre shut down after more than half a century.
related noun SHUTDOWN
shut sth<->down to stop a factory, shop/store, etc. from opening for business; to stop a machine from working: The computer system will be shut down over the weekend.
related noun SHUTDOWN
shut sb / yourself in (sth) to put sb in a room and keep them there; to go to a room and stay there: She shut the dog in the shed while she prepared the barbecue.
shut sth in sth to trap sth by closing a door, lid, etc. on it: Sam shut his finger in the car door.
shut off (of a machine, tool, etc.) to stop working: The engines shut off automatically in an emergency.
shut sth<->off
1 to stop a machine, tool, etc. from working: I wish someone would shut off that car alarm.
2 to stop a supply of gas, water, etc. from flowing or reaching a place: A valve immediately shuts off the gas when the lid is closed.
shut yourself off (from sth) to avoid seeing people or having contact with anyone: Martin shut himself off from the world to write his book.
shut sb/sth off from sth to separate sb/sth from sth: Bosnia is shut off from the Adriatic by the mountains.
shut sb/sth<->out (of sth)
1 to prevent sb/sth from entering a place: Mum, Ben keeps shutting me out of the bedroom! + sunglasses that shut out 99% of the sun's harmful rays
2 to not allow a person to share or be part of your thoughts; to stop yourself from having particular feelings: I wanted to shut John out of my life for ever. + She learned to shut out her angry feelings. + If you shut me out, how can I help you?
shut up (informal) to stop talking (often used as an order as a rude way of telling sb to stop talking): Just shut up and listen! + Will you tell Mike to shut up? + When they'd finally shut up, I started again.
shut sb up to make sb stop talking: She kicked Anne under the table to shut her up.
shut sth<->up to close a room, house, etc: The summer house was shut up for another year and we went back to the city.
shut sb/sth up (in sth) to keep sb/sth in a place and prevent them from going anywhere: He shuts himself up with that computer for hours.
+ adjective [not before noun]
1 not open
Synonym: CLOSED
The door was shut. + She slammed the door shut. + Keep your eyes shut.
2 (BrE) not open for business
Synonym: CLOSED
Unfortunately the bank is shut now.
Collocation Dictionary

1 in a closed position


be, look | bang, blow, clang, click, clunk, slam, slide, swing
The window blew shut. The elevator door slid shut.
| remain, stay | be clenched, be jammed
His jaw was clenched shut.
| bang sth, kick sth, leave sth, pull sth, slam sth, slide sth, snap sth
I'll leave the window shut for now. He slammed the case shut. She snapped shut a file on her desk.
| keep sth
The gates are always kept shut. (figurative) Afraid to ask seemingly stupid questions, I kept my mouth shut.


firmly, properly, tightly
The door was firmly shut.

2 not open to the public


be, look
The bars all look shut to me.
| remain


The park is now shut for the winter.

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