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show up
Concise Dictionary
+appear or become visible; make a showing
+be or become visible or noticeable

Advanced English Dictionary
verb, noun
+ verb (showed, shown or, rarely, showed)
make clear
1 to make sth clear; to prove sth: [V (that)] The figures clearly show that her claims are false. + The government's popularity is declining rapidly, as the opinion polls show. + [VN that] Market research has shown us that people want quality, not just low prices. + [VN] a report showing the company's current situation + [VN to inf] His new book shows him to be a first-rate storyteller. + [V wh-] This shows how people are influenced by TV advertisements. [also VN wh-]
let sb see sth
2 ~ sth (to sb)
~ (sb) sth to let sb see sth: [VN] If there's a letter from France please show it to me. + You have to show your ticket as you go in. + [VN, VNN] Have you shown your work to anyone? + Have you shown anyone your work?
3 ~ sth to sb
~ sb sth to help sb to do sth by letting them watch you do it or by explaining it: [VN, VNN] She showed the technique to her students. + She showed her students the technique. + [VN wh-] Can you show me how to do it?
4 to point to sth so that sb can see where or what it is: [VNN] He showed me our location on the map. + [VN wh-] Show me which picture you drew.
5 to lead or guide sb to a place: [VN, +adv./prep.] The attendant showed us to our seats. + We were shown into the waiting room. + [VNN] I'll go first and show you the way.
quality / behaviour / feeling
6 to make it clear that you have a particular quality: [VN] to show great courage / determination + [VN-ADJ] She had shown herself unable to deal with money. + [VN to inf] He has shown himself to be ready to make compromises. [also V that]
7 ~ sth (for / to sb)
~ (sb) sth to behave in a particular way towards sb: [VN, VNN] They showed no respect for their parents. + They showed their parents no respect.
8 if a feeling or quality shows, or if you show it, people can see it: [V] Fear showed in his eyes. + She tried not to let her disappointment show. + [VN] Her expression showed her disappointment. + James began to show signs of impatience. + [V wh-] She tried not to show how disappointed she was.
be visible
9 if sth shows, people can see it. If sth shows a mark, dirt, etc., the mark can be seen: [V] She had a warm woollen hat on that left only her eyes and nose showing. + [VN] Their new white carpet showed every mark.
10 [VN] (not usually used in the progressive tenses) to give particular information, or a time or measurement: The map shows the principal towns and rivers. + The clock showed midnight. + The end-of-year accounts show a loss.
of picture / photograph
11 ~ sth
~ sb (as sth) to be of sb/sth; to represent sb/sth: [VN] She had objected to a photo showing her in a bikini. [also VN -ing]
for public to see
12 to be or make sth available for the public to see: [V] The movie is now showing at all major movie theaters. + [VN] The movie is being shown now. + She plans to show her paintings early next year.
13 [no passive] (informal) to prove that you can do sth or are sth: [VN] They think I can't do it, but I'll show them! + [VN to inf] He has shown himself to be a caring father. [also VNN]
14 [V] (informal, especially AmE) to arrive where you have arranged to meet sb or do sth: I waited an hour but he didn't show.
See also - SHOW UP
15 [VN] to enter an animal in a competition
Idioms: it goes to show used to say that sth proves sth: It just goes to show what you can do when you really try.
show sb the door to ask sb to leave, because they are no longer welcome
show your face to appear among your friends or in public: She stayed at home, afraid to show her face.
show your hand / cards (BrE) (AmE tip your hand) to make your plans or intentions known
show sb who's boss to make it clear to sb that you have more power and authority than they have
show the way to do sth first so that other people can follow
show willing (BrE) to show that you are ready to help, work hard, etc. if necessary
(have) something, nothing, etc. to show for sth (to have) something, nothing, etc. as a result of sth: All those years of hard work, and nothing to show for it!
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Phrasal Verbs: show sb around / round (sth) to be a guide for sb when they visit a place for the first time to show them what is interesting: We were shown around the school by one of the students. + Has anyone shown you round yet?
show off (informal, disapproving) to try to impress others by talking about your abilities, possessions, etc: He's just showing off because that girl he likes is here.
related noun SHOW-OFF
show sb/sth<->off
1 to show people sb/sth that you are proud of: She wanted to show off her new husband at the party. + [+ wh-] He likes to show off how well he speaks French.
2 (of clothing) to make sb look attractive, by showing their best features: a dress that shows off her figure
show through
show through sth to be able to be seen behind or under sth else: The writing on the other side of the page shows through. + (figurative) When he spoke, his bitterness showed through. + Veins showed through her pale skin.
show up (informal) to arrive where you have arranged to meet sb or do sth: It was getting late when she finally showed up.
show up
show sth<->up to become visible; to make sth become visible: a broken bone showed up on the X-ray + The harsh light showed up the lines on her face.
show sb<->up
1 (BrE, informal) to make sb feel embarrassed by behaving badly: He showed me up by snoring during the concert.
2 to make sb feel embarrassed by doing sth better than them: Don't worry about being shown up by the kids-they've always used computers.
+ noun
1 [C] a theatre performance, especially one that includes singing and dancing: to see / watch / go to a show + a one-woman / -man show + to put on / stage a show + She's the star of the show!
2 [C] a programme on television or the radio: to host a TV / radio show + a comedy / quiz show
of collection of things
3 [C, U] an occasion when a collection of things are brought together for people to look at
an agricultural show + the Paris fashion shows + The latest computers will be on show at the exhibition. + A local artist is holding a show of her recent work.
See also - PEEP SHOW
of feeling
4 [C] an action or a way of behaving that shows how you feel
Synonym: DISPLAY
a show of emotion / gratitude / temper + a show of support / unity + A show of force by 4 000 soldiers led to an agreement being reached quickly.
insincere act
5 [U, sing.] something that is done only to give a good impression, but is not sincere: He may seem charming, but it's all show! + She pretends to be interested in opera, but it's only for show. + He made a great show of affection, but I knew he didn't mean it.
colourful sight
6 [C, U] a colourful or pleasing sight
Synonym: DISPLAY
a lovely show of spring flowers
event / situation
7 [sing.] (informal) an event, a business or a situation where sth is being done or organized: She runs the whole show. + I won't interfere-it's your show.
good / poor show
8 [C, usually sing.] (informal, especially BrE) something that is done in a particular way: The team put on a good show in the competition. + It's a poor show if he forgets your birthday.
Idioms: for show intended to be seen but not used: These items are just for show-they're not for sale.
get the show on the road (spoken) to start an activity or a journey: Let's get this show on the road!
(jolly) good show! (old-fashioned, BrE, informal) used to show you like sth or to say that sb has done sth well
a show of hands a group of people each raising a hand to vote for or against sth: The vote was passed by a show of hands. + Let's have a show of hands. Who's in favour of the proposal?
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