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shipping /'ʃipiɳ/
  • danh từ
    • sự xếp hàng xuống tàu; sự chở hàng bằng tàu
    • tàu (của một nước, ở một hải cảng)
    • thương thuyền; hàng hải
Concise Dictionary
+the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials
+conveyance provided by the ships belonging to one country or industry

+a vessel that carries passengers or freight
+transport commercially
+hire for work on a ship
+go on board
+travel by ship
+place on board a ship

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 vessel, (ocean or passenger) liner, steamer, wind-jammer, cutter:
The statue is dedicated to the men who go down to the sea in ships.
2 send, move, ferry, transport, deliver, carry, dispatch or despatch, freight, haul, truck, cart:
You need a specialized company that ships computers and other delicate equipment.
3 ship out. leave, depart, embark, set sail, take off, get out, quit, Slang scram:
You'll ship out if you know what's good for you.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ noun [U]
1 ships in general or considered as a group: The canal is open to shipping. + the shipping forecast (= a report for ships on the weather conditions at sea) + international shipping lanes (= routes for ships)
2 the activity of carrying people or goods from one place to another by ship: a shipping company / group / line + She arranged for the shipping of her furniture to England.

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