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sheltered /'ʃeltəd/
  • tính từ
    • được che, được che chở, được bảo vệ
      • sheltered trades: những ngành nghề được bảo vệ (không bị nước ngoài cạnh tranh)
Concise Dictionary
+a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
+protective covering that provides protection from the weather
+the condition of being protected
+a way of organizing business to reduce the taxes it must pay on current earnings
+temporary housing for homeless or displaced persons
+provide shelter for
+invest (money) so that it is not taxable

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 protection, cover, refuge, asylum, sanctuary, haven, safety, security:
During the hailstorm, we sought shelter in a cave.
2 cover, covering, concealment, screen, umbrella:
Under the shelter of a moonless night, they stole quietly past the guards
3 dwelling-place, habitation, home, dwelling, housing, accommodation:
He feels that everyone is entitled to food, clothing, and shelter.
4 protect, screen, shield, safeguard, guard, keep, secure, harbour:
The parapet sheltered the guards from the icy wind.
5 seek or take refuge or shelter, hole up, Colloq lie or lay low:
Mike sheltered in a mountain hut until the hue and cry died down.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adjective
1 (of a place) protected from bad weather: a sheltered bay / beach + Herbs need fertile soil and a sunny sheltered position. + We had lunch in a sheltered spot behind the dunes.
2 (sometimes disapproving) protected from the more unpleasant aspects or difficulties of life: She had a very sheltered childhood. + They both lead very sheltered lives.
3 [only before noun] (BrE) (of houses, flats / apartments, etc.) designed for people, especially old people, who can still live fairly independent lives, but with staff available to help them if necessary: sheltered accommodation / housing + a sheltered workshop for the blind
Collocation Dictionary


be, look


snugly, well
The farmyard was snugly sheltered with buildings on three sides.
| fairly, quite, relatively

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