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shelf /ʃelf/
  • danh từ, số nhiều shelves/ʃelvz/
    • giá sách; ngăn sách
    • cái xích đông
    • đá ngầm; bãi cạn
    • (địa lý,địa chất) thềm lục địa
    • on the shelf
      • đã xong; bỏ đi, xếp xó; không ai rước (con gái)
Concise Dictionary
+a support that consists of a horizontal surface for holding objects
+a projecting ridge on a mountain or submerged under water

Advanced English Dictionary
1 a flat board, made of wood, metal, glass, etc., fixed to the wall or forming part of a cupboard/closet, BOOKCASE, etc., for things to be placed on: I helped him put up some shelves in his bedroom. + The book I wanted was on the top shelf. + supermarket / library shelves + empty shelves
2 (geology) a thing shaped like a shelf, especially a piece of rock sticking out from a cliff or from the edge of a mass of land under the sea: the continental shelf
See also - SHELVE
Idioms: on the shelf (informal)
1 not wanted by anyone; not used
2 (old-fashioned) (especially of women) considered to be too old to get married
off the shelf that can be bought immediately and does not have to be specially designed or ordered: I bought this package off the shelf. + off-the-shelf software packages + Some courses can be bought off the shelf as self-contained study packages.
Compare: off the peg at PEG n.
Collocation Dictionary


high, low | deep, shallow | bottom, middle, top
He took a book down from the top shelf.
| bare, empty | open | dusty | glass, metal, wooden | bathroom, kitchen, library, shop, supermarket


The fridge had three shelves.
| build, put up
She soon learned how to put up her own shelves.
| arrange sth on, display sth on, put sth (back) on, replace sth on, return sth to, stack sth on, stock
I put the packet back on the shelf. He's got a job stocking shelves in a supermarket.
| clear
I've cleared a shelf in the cupboard for you.
| get sth down from/off, pick sth from/off, remove sth from, take sth down from/off
The supermarket immediately removed the product from its shelves.
| fill, fit on, go on, remain on, sit on
Souvenirs filled the shelves. Her diaries just sat on the shelf for years (= nobody looked at them for years).
| reach (for/to)
She reached for the shelf next to the bed.


be full of sth, contain sth, hold sth


space | life
The medicine has a shelf life of six months.


off a/the ~
I knocked it off the shelf by accident.
| on a/the ~
the books on the shelves
| ~ of
a shelf of books on economics


be filled/lined with shelves
The walls of her study were lined with shelves.
| a place on your shelves
The book deserves a place on everyone's shelves.

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