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  • phó từ
    • sắt, nhọn, bén
    • rõ nghĩa, dễ nhận, rõ ràng, sắc nét
    • thình lình, đột ngột (về đoạn cong, đường cong, dốc )
    • lanh lảnh, chói tai, the thé (về âm thanh)
    • cay, hắc, gắt, hăng, tạo ra một cảm giác mạnh (về mùi, vị)
    • buốt, nhói (về cơn đau, cơn lạnh)
    • tinh, thính, nhạy, thông minh, sắc sảo
    • cao (về âm thanh, nhạc cụ )
    • thăng, cao nửa cung (về nốt nhạc)
    • chỉ trích gay gắt
    • ma mảnh, bất chính, thiếu đạo đức
    • nhanh chóng, mau mắn, mạnh mẽ
    • điếc, không kêu
    • diện, chải chuốt
Concise Dictionary
+in an aggressive manner
+in a well delineated manner
+changing suddenly in direction and degree
+very suddenly and to a great degree

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 severely, sternly, harshly, cuttingly, acerbically, peremptorily, angrily, strictly, firmly:
Her teacher sharply rebuked Hilary for smiling.
2 suddenly, quickly, abruptly, precipitously, precipitately:
Prices increased sharply for the third day in succession.
3 acutely, distinctly, definitely, definitively:
These new cameras automatically remain sharply focused on the object.
Advanced English Dictionary
+ adverb
1 in a critical, harsh or severe way: The report was sharply critical of the police. + 'Is there a problem?' he asked sharply.
2 suddenly and by a large amount
Profits fell sharply following the takeover. + The road fell sharply to the sea.
3 in a way that clearly shows the differences between two things: Their experiences contrast sharply with those of other children. + sharply contrasting attitudes to work
4 quickly and suddenly or loudly: She moved sharply across the room to block his exit. + He rapped sharply on the window. + He drew his breath in sharply.
5 used to emphasize that sth has a sharp point or edge: sharply pointed + The spring jutted sharply through the mattress.

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