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shame /ʃeim/
  • danh từ
    • sự thẹn, sự ngượng; sự hổ thẹn, sự tủi thẹn
      • flushed with shame: đỏ mặt vì thẹn
      • to put someone to shame: làm cho ai xấu hổ (vì hèn kém)
      • cannot do it for very shame: không thể làm việc ấy vì ngượng ngùng
      • shame on you!: thật là xấu hổ cho anh quá!
      • to be lost to shame: không còn biết xấu hổ, không biết ngượng, trơ trẽn
    • điều xấu hổ, mối nhục
      • to be the shame of: là mối nhục của
      • it is a shame to be so clunsy: vụng về đến thế thật là xấu hổ
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm tủi thẹn, làm xấu hổ, làm nhục nhã; là mối nhục cho
      • to shame somebody into doing something: làm ai xấu hổ đến phải làm việc gì
      • to shame somebody out of doing something: làm ai xấu hổ đến nỗi không dám làm việc gì
  • nội động từ
    • (từ cổ,nghĩa cổ) xấu hổ, từ chối vì xấu hổ
      • he shamed not to say: anh ta xấu hổ không nói
Concise Dictionary
+a painful emotion resulting from an awareness of inadequacy or guilt
+a state of dishonor
+an unfortunate development
+bring shame or dishonor upon
+compel through a sense of shame
+cause to be ashamed
+surpass or beat by a wide margin

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 embarrassment, humiliation, mortification, chagrin, ignominy, shamefacedness, loss of face, abashment:
Watts felt abysmal shame at being discovered stealing from petty cash.
2 disgrace, ignominy, dishonour, disrepute, degradation, opprobrium, vilification, calumniation, infamy, obloquy, odium, contempt, scandal, denigration, loss of face, defamation, discredit, disesteem, disfavour, derogation, disparagement:
To think that one knight's single act of cowardice in 1249 could have brought such shame to all his descendants
3 pity, calamity, disaster, catastrophe; outrage:
What a shame that Gerry failed the exam!
4 humility, modesty, (sense of) decency or decorum or propriety, respectability, decorousness, diffidence, shyness, coyness, prudishness, timidity, shamefacedness:
The people who wear bathing suits like that obviously have no shame at all
5 put to shame.
(a) surpass, eclipse, outclass, overshadow, cast into the shade, outdo, outstrip, outshine, show up:
Cochrane put his opponents to shame when they failed to score a single point against him.
(b) See 8, below.
6 embarrass, humiliate, mortify, humble, chagrin, disconcert, discountenance, put down, bring down, abash, chasten, Colloq bring (someone) down a peg, suppress, subdue:
He hated the teacher because she had shamed him in front of his friends
7 coerce, force, drive, bully, push; embarrass, humiliate, mortify, humble:
The other boys shamed him into admitting that he had done it.
8 disgrace, embarrass, dishonour, scandalize, calumniate, degrade, debase, defame, discredit, stigmatize; smear, blacken, stain, taint, besmirch, tarnish:
I am sure, son, that nothing you ever do would shame the family or me.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb
+ noun
1 [U] the feelings of guilt, sadness and embarrassment that you have when you know that sth you have done is wrong or stupid: His face burned with shame. + She hung her head in shame. + He could not live with the shame of other people knowing the truth. + I would die of shame if she ever found out. + To my shame (= I feel shame that) I refused to listen to her side of the story.
2 [U] (formal) (only used in questions and negative sentences) the ability to feel shame at sth you have done: Have you no shame? + That child is completely without shame!
3 (a shame) [sing.] used to say that sth is a cause for feeling sad or disappointed: What a shame they couldn't come. + It's a shame about Tim, isn't it? + It's a shame that she wasn't here to see it. + It would be a crying shame (= a great shame) not to take them up on the offer. + It seems such a shame to throw perfectly good food away. + It's a shame (that) you didn't say something sooner.
4 [U] the loss of respect that is caused when you do sth wrong or stupid: There is no shame in wanting to be successful. + (formal) She felt that her failure would bring shame on her family.
Idioms: put sb/sth to shame to be much better than sb/sth: Their presentation put ours to shame. + Her energy and enthusiasm puts the rest of us to shame (= makes us feel embarrassed and guilty that we are not the same).
shame on you, him, etc. (spoken) used to say that sb should feel ashamed for sth they have said or done
+ verb [VN]
1 (written) to make sb feel ashamed: His generosity shamed them all.
2 (formal) to make sb feel that they have lost honour or respect: You have shamed your family.
Phrasal Verbs: shame sb into doing sth to persuade sb to do sth by making them feel ashamed not to do it: She shamed her father into promising more help.
Collocation Dictionary

1 feeling that you have lost the respect of others




be filled with, feel | bring, cause
His arrest for stealing brought shame on his family.
| die of
(figurative) I nearly died of shame!


from ~
She wept from the shame of having let everyone down.
| in ~
She shut her eyes in shame.
| to your ~
To my shame, I didn't tell Robert about the party.
| without ~
He had cried noisily and without shame at the news of Esther's death.
| with ~
She blushed with shame.
| ~ about/over
You feel absolutely no shame over what you did, do you?
| ~ at
She felt a flush of shame at what she'd done.


a cause for shame
Her pregnancy was no cause for shame.
| a feeling/sense of shame, bow/hang your head in shame
He was being held by two security guards, his head bowed in shame.

2 a shame: sth that makes you feel disappointed


crying, great, real, terrible, wicked


~ about
It's a terrible shame about Stuart losing his job, isn't it?


a bit of a shame, rather a shame, such a shame, what a shame
What a shame you can't come!



The people who did this deserve to be publicly shamed.


An outcry from customers has shamed the company into lowering its prices.

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