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shambles /'ʃæmblz/
  • danh từ số nhiều
    • lò mổ, lò sát sinh
    • cảnh chiếm giết loạn xạ
    • mớ hỗn độn; sự hỗn loạn
Concise Dictionary
+a condition of great disorder
+a building where animals are butchered

+walking with a slow dragging motion without lifting your feet
+walk by dragging one's feet
Thesaurus Dictionary
chaos, devastation, mess, disaster, Augean stables, pigsty, muddle, pigpen:
I can't find anything in this shambles. The campaign degenerated into a complete shambles.
Advanced English Dictionary
(a shambles) noun [sing.] (informal)
1 a situation in which there is a lot of confusion or disorder
Synonym: MESS
The press conference was a complete shambles. + What a shambles! + The government is in a shambles over Europe. + He's made an absolute shambles of his career.
2 a place which is dirty or untidy
Synonym: MESS
The house was a shambles.

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