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shadow /'ʃædou/
  • danh từ
    • bóng, bóng tối, bóng râm, bóng mát
      • to sit in the shadow: ngồi dưới bóng mát
      • the shadows of night: bóng đêm
    • bóng (của bức tranh); chỗ tối (trong gian phòng...)
    • hình bóng; (bóng) bạn nối khố, bạn thân, người theo sát như hình với bóng, người đi theo không rời bước
    • điểm báo trước
    • dấu vết, chút, gợn
      • without a shadow of doubt: không một chút nghi ngờ
    • bóng, vật vô hình
      • to catch at shadows; to run after a shadow: bắt bóng, theo đuổi một vật vô hình;
      • to throw away the substance for the shadow: thả mồi bắt bóng
    • sự tối tăm
      • to live in the shadow: sống trong cảnh tối tăm
    • sự che chở, sự bảo vệ
      • under the shadow of the Almighty: dưới sự che chở của thượng đế
    • to be afraid of one's own shadow
      • nhát gan; thần hồn nát thần tính
    • to be worn to a shadow
      • lo đến rạc người
    • to have shadows round one's eyes
      • mắt thâm quầng
  • ngoại động từ
    • (thơ ca) che, che bóng
    • làm tối sầm, làm sa sầm
    • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) đánh bóng (bức tranh)
    • ((thường) + forth) báo điểm trước, làm mờ hiện ra
    • theo dõi, dò
      • to shadow a suspicious character: theo dõi một người khả nghi
Concise Dictionary
+shade within clear boundaries
+an unilluminated area
+something existing in perception only
+a premonition of something adverse
+an indication that something has been present
+refuge from danger or observation
+a dominating and pervasive presence
+a spy employed to follow someone and report their movements
+an inseparable companion
+follow, usually without the person's knowledge
+cast a shadow over
+make appear small by comparison

Thesaurus Dictionary
1 darkness, gloom, dimness, dusk, obscurity:
In the shadow I could make out the dim outline of a figure.
2 cover, screen, covering, shield, veil, curtain, protection, concealment:
He stole past the sentry under the shadow of darkness.
3 hint, intimation, suggestion, suspicion, trace, vestige; remnant:
I do not have the slightest shadow of doubt that she is telling the truth. Martin is merely a shadow of his former robust self.
4 cloud, blight, curse:
A terrible shadow has fallen upon the family name.
5 See shade, 4, above.
6 companion, alter ego, comrade, Colloq sidekick, crony, chum, (bosom) pal, US (bosom) buddy:
Boswell was Johnson's shadow for almost twenty years.
7 follow, trail, track, dog, stalk, pursue, trace, Colloq tail, US and Canadian bird-dog:
For a month detectives shadowed the suspect.
Advanced English Dictionary
noun, verb, adjective
+ noun
dark shape
1 [C] the dark shape that sb/sth's form makes on a surface, for example on the ground, when they are between the light and the surface: The children were having fun, chasing each other's shadows. + The ship's sail cast a shadow on the water. + The shadows lengthened as the sun went down. + (figurative) He didn't want to cast a shadow on (= spoil) their happiness. - SHADE
2 [U] (also shadows [pl.]) darkness in a place or on sth, especially so that you cannot easily see who or what is there: His face was deep in shadow, turned away from her. + I thought I saw a figure standing in the shadows. - SHADE
small amount
3 [sing.] ~ of sth a very small amount of sth: A shadow of a smile touched his mouth. + She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt (= with no doubt at all) that he was lying.
4 [sing.] ~ of sb/sth the strong (usually bad) influence of sb/sth: The new leader wants to escape from the shadow of his predecessor. + These people have been living for years under the shadow of fear.
under eyes
5 (shadows) [pl.] dark areas under sb's eyes, because they are tired, etc: She looked pale, with deep shadows under her eyes.
sb that follows sb
6 [C] a person or an animal that follows sb else all the time
sth not real
7 [C] a thing that is not real or possible to obtain: You can't spend all your life chasing shadows.
Idioms: be frightened / nervous / scared of your own shadow to be very easily frightened; to be very nervous
in / under the shadow of
1 very close to: The new market is in the shadow of the City Hall.
2 when you say that sb is in/under the shadow of another person, you mean that they do not receive as much attention as that person: A younger son often lives in the shadow of his elder brother.
more at FORMER
+ verb [VN]
follow and watch
1 to follow and watch sb closely and often secretly: He was shadowed for a week by the secret police.
2 to be with sb who is doing a particular job, so that you can learn about it: It is often helpful for teachers to shadow managers in industry.
cover with shadow
3 to cover sth with a shadow: A wide-brimmed hat shadowed her face. + The bay was shadowed by magnificent cliffs.
+ adjective [only before noun] (BrE, politics) used to refer to senior politicians of the main opposition party who would become government ministers if their party won the next election: the shadow Chancellor + the shadow Cabinet
Collocation Dictionary


dark, dense, deep, strong
The house lay in dark shadow.
| giant, long | grotesque, monstrous, sinister, strange, terrible | dancing, flickering


cast, make, produce, throw
The boat's sail cast a shadow on the water. Use a desk light to produce a strong shadow. The candles on the table threw huge flickering shadows against the wall.
| fill sth with ~s
The streets were now filled with terrible shadows.
| emerge from, loom up out of, step out from/of ~s
Suddenly a huge figure loomed up out of the shadows.
| move into, shrink into, slip (back) into ~s
She shrank back into the shadows as the footsteps approached.
| lurk in, wait in, watch from
criminals lurking in the shadows


fall, lie
The evening shadows were beginning to fall. Deep shadows lay across the small clearing where they sat.
| get longer, lengthen
As the shadows lengthened, the men drifted home for their tea.
| dance, leap, move, pass
the leaping shadows of the flames The shadows of the clouds passed over us.


among the ~s
an odd shape among the shadows
| in the ~s
I could just make out a figure in the shadows.
| into the ~s
I backed into the shadows until the police car had passed.
| in ~
His face was in shadow.
| into ~
The storm clouds threw the mountain peaks into dense shadow.
| from/out of the ~s
A huge figure stepped out of the shadows.
| through the ~s
the fears that kept crowding in on her as she hurried through the shadows


live in the shadow of sb/sth
(often figurative) She had always lived in the shadow of her older sister.

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